Great Pretanic Trade Route

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The Great Pretanic Trade Route.
The Great Pretanic Trade Route or the Mid-Ulethan Trade Road was a historical trade road that cut through the heart of Pretany from the 7th to 11th century AD. The trade route, never a single designated road, but more of a conglomeration of trails leading in a northeast direction from Westward Gate, led directly into the heart of Antigo. It was used as an early form of culture and good spread throughout Uletha. It was the most convenient and climatically hospitable route to take through the Egyt Mountains and avoiding the deserts of Mazan and Suria, although trading with nomadic desert tribes in those regions did occur periodically. Western Countries such as Sathria, Kalm, and Roantra commenced trading with regions such as the Three Kingdoms of Escadia, as well as the regions that currently consist of Ispelia, Vartasimalia, and the kingdoms of Karolia, and Darcodia. There have been coins along the Pretanic Trade Route found in Westward Gate from as far east as the Kingdom of Glaster dating to the mid 11th century.