Great Southern island

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Great Southern Island blank map, with the Aŭstrasuno Tero/Suya Ahn border

Great Southern Island (Granda Aŭstrainsulo in the Aŭstro Language and Ahn in the Mer Khara language of Suya Ahn) is a substantial island in the Harda Archipelago with a landmass of roughly 242,000 km², making it the second largest island in the group after Harda Island itself. It is surrounded by the Asperic Ocean to the north, Harda Island to the northwest, the Hesperic Ocean to the west, the Glacies Australis to the south and the Mahhalian Archipelago to the east.

The currently accepted international name for the island comes from Ulethan explorers and colonists, specifically the Ingerish, referring to the extreme southern location when compared to other known lands.

The topography of the island is strongly influenced by geologically recent volcanic activity. Taiga forests dominate the northeast while the southwest is largely tundra. A mountain range runs from the north to the south and is home to several important glaciers. The island is surrounded by hundreds of small islands and islets, principally in the south, forming groups of archipelagos and chains of islands. The island's longest river is the Shyz Ayu, which runs from south to north.

The island is occupied by Aŭstrasuno Tero in the south and Suya Ahn in the north. The total population of the island is 12 million, Aŭstrasuno Tero being the most populated country, with Aŭstraĉefurbo and Ynn being the main urban settlements.