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Castle of Gugulyne
Town of Gugulyne

Gugulyne is a small town in the eastern part of Latina. The town has 28.470 inhabitants (2015). Gugulye is the capital of the canton with the same name in the province Grimoualdini.

On the map see 16, -10.7311, 46.8609

The adventuer Eduardo Grimoualdini here build 1518 his first castle in the swampy land of the Rio Pernello. Til 1727 the dynastie of the Grimoualdinis in Gugulyne has the capital of their independendent pincipality. As the last of the Grimualdini dies, the troops of the colony of New Holland conquered the land and made Sagomantes to the capital of the province.

Today Gugulyne is an important touristic landmark. The castle of the Grimoualdinis, the dreaming old town and the great arboretum are magnets for visitors.