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The Inaran Nation by 870 AD. 1.Inaran occupied Nortian Tribe 2. Inaran occupied Antigo Kingdom 3. Inaran Nation. Known cities, Nortian Gurmes in black, Other cities in Red.

The Gurmes were a series of 15 walled Nortian cities in present day Pretany that the Inarans of the Inaran Nation converted into their official oppidiums in the early 10th century AD. The Nortian tribe were part of the Petty Kingdoms of Pretany and were known for their elaborate walled city states. All were labeled by the Inarans official records in 870 AD, and many were built long before written pretanic history. By the time of the first National Constitution of the Inaran Nation in 1039AD, most of the Gurmes, including the new capital of the Inaran Nation, Port Emporia, were completely settled after nearly 170 years of war and uprisings. The subsequent ethnic cleansing from these cities, post 1039, is now known as the Purgatio Nortia. The labeled Gurmes that were converted into Inaran Oppidiums are listed below.

Nortian Walled Cities in 870 AD

Gurme Modern Name Location
1 Agrevali Agrevali [[1]]
2 Kripeax Bevelle, Croxtonshire [[2]]
3 Calicula Calcaria [[3]]
4 Carcaso Carcaso [[4]]
5 Durocassium Durocassium [[5]]
6 Imaornia Ostia [[6]]
7 Lacum Pitt [[7]]
8 Lindinis STRICHFLAG.jpeg St. Richards [[8]]
9 Lorrainium Lorrainium [[9]]
10 Maximous Turrim Maximo Turrim [[10]]
11 Petram Prarie Prairie Du Rocher [[11]]
12 Portous Emporia PEMPFLAG.jpg Port Emporia [[12]]
13 Treva Port Treva [[13]]
14 Urbe Septentrionali Northeast Wall [[14]]
15 Vindomora Vindomora [[15]]