Gwynian Channel

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Gwynian Channel

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The Gwynian Channel in central Archanta
LocationCentral Archanta
River sourcesAdar River

Yolis River

Esperanza River
Ocean/Sea sourcesAsperic Ocean
Basin countriesAdariaflag.png Adaria

Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States

Ordaniaflag.png Ordania
Major citiesNichiuri

Cape City


The Gwynian Channel is a body of water in central Archanta, separating the regions of Gwynian, to its north, and South Archanta, to its south. It connects the Asperic Ocean, to the west, with the White Sea, to the east.

The channel has an elongated east to west structure, being 800 kilometers long east to west, and only between 200 and 300 kilometers wide, north to south. Its eastern limit lies between the Cape of Wishes, in Adaria, to the northernmost tip of AR120-85, in the Federal States. Its western limit is the line between Cape City, in Ordania, and the westernmost cape of Cosperica, in the Federal States.

Being the natural entrance to the White Sea, it sees many ships that head from the Asperic Ocean to the Canal of Mecyna, or viceversa. Because of it, its ports have become large hubs for trade between both sides of the Archantan continent.