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Achtung.svg This is a lost country (or other lost place) that no longer exists in OpenGeofiction.

In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

8, -45.298, 144.053
Republic of Hanyala
Flag of Hanyala
"Wisdom is Continuous"
Create. Educate. Mobilize.
Largest citySouth Lake
Official languagesHanyal
 • Regional languagesHanyal, Chi'lulu
Ethnic GroupsHanyal, Chi'lu
DemonymHanyal, Hanyalan
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Parliamentary Republic
 • PresidentRomani Ruvatala
 • Prime MinisterDiego Sanchez-Green
LegislatureRepublic Chamber
 • Upper houseParliament
 • Lower houseSenate
 • Total9889.9 km2
3818.5 sq mi
 • Water (%)14.6%
 • Census (?)XXXX
 • DensityXXX/km2
XXX/sq mi
GDP (nominal)
 • TotalXXXXX
 • Per capitaXXXXX
TimezoneWUT +9
CurrencyXXX (XXX)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.hy

Hanyala, officially the Republic of Hanyala is a sovereign nation located in the southern part of Archanta. It is bordered by AR042d and AR042e to the west, by Duncanheim to the south, to the east with Brieland and to the north is the state of Velena, part of the Federal States of Archanta.




Hanyala is located on the hilly coasts of two large lakes and moderate climate. Warm air sweeps south from the Federal States of Archanta, and cool air pushes north from the frigid southern parts of Astrasia. This causes tornadoes to occur in the southernmost region of Hanyala.

Koppen Climate Classification: Dsb

Trewartha Climate Classification: Doak



Post-Secondary Education

University of Mehelsa is a large public liberal-arts, research university located in the capital city, Mehelsa. There are 50,924 students, and the main campus is located on 498 acres (202 hectares).

Saint Catherine's University is a liberal-arts university spread over 256 acres (104 hecatres) in Mehelsa and hosts 23,296 students.

South Lake University is a large university located in the city of Santa Magdalena. The university boasts roughly 84,000 students.


The national government is a semi-presidential parliamentary republic. Citizens elect parliamentary representatives, and these representatives nominate qualified politicians to become president. The President of Hanyala appoints the Prime Minister and specialized government officers. The Prime Minister appoints the Cabinet of Secretaries.




Mehelsa International Airport is an international airport that serves the capital city, Mehelsa.


The H-Bus network covers the Mehelsa-South Lake conurbation.


The Hanyala-Astrasian train line serves both passenger and industrial traffic throughout the country, especially in the north.