Harboda Airport

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Z14, 48.3043 °N, 158.1221 °E
Harboda Airport
Harboda Flyghamn
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Ostermark Flag.jpg Østermark
City Mynninghamn
Began operation 1966
Time zone +10
Elevation AMSL 31 m
Passengers 2,788,000
Direction Length
15/33 2277 m
06/24 1200 m
Number Length
H1 30 m
Highways N1 - Harbodaleden exit
Regional train lines Mynninghamn South trains to Gråklosters/Aneborn stopping at Arum
Postcode 12 18
Telephone +0363 31 40 10 00

Harboda Airport (New Scandic: Harboda Flyghamn] is Østermark's largest airport, located about 15 kilometers south of Mynninghamn. It is by far the largest airport in Østermark.


The original Harboda Airport was completed in 1966. Built as a replacement for the old Flenløsa Airport to the east of the city, the location south was chosen both because of its proximity to the newly built N1 highway as well as being closer to Gråklosters, Østermark's second largest city, albeit some 75 kilometers away.

In 1990, a second runway was added and the original terminal was replaced with a new much larger building, built in the shape of a jet. Simultaneous with the new terminal, parking was expanded, new drop-off and pick-up car lanes were built and a new cargo terminal east of the passenger terminal was built.

In 2012, the airport was greatly expanded with a second terminal for international flights added. The parking was further expanded including a new long-term parking lot, and the drop-off and pick-up lanes completely rebuilt.

Expansion Controversy

The 2012 costly expansion created much controversy as the capacity is far greater than current needs. Charges of corruption, bribes and closed bidding processes are currently under investigation, although few expect much to come out of it. In addition, ground was broken for several hotels and a new Modus shopping center but has gotten no further than construction pits.