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Heinz Doofenschmidt (born 1911-died 1983) was the president of Freedemia from 1948-1952. He was widely considered Freedemia's quirkiest president.

Before Presidency

Doofenschmidt used to be the owner of a company known as Doofenschmidt Inc.. The company's successor, Doofco, is now the owner of Inator Toys. He also owned a platypus named Percival, and was the only president to own a platypus.

1948 Campaign and Election

It was perhaps Doofenschmidt's quirkiness that helped him win the presidency. His biggest competition was the monotonous Xavier Jernistan, so Doofenschmidt, with his odd voice and quirky speech patterns, drew far more attention from the media. His catchy "We Want Doof" commercials and jingles and his unusual plans, such as the Tri-State Plan, drew many people who supported him as sort of the "anti-establishment" candidate. Since parties weren't banned yet, Doofenschmidt ran as a member of the very small Tri-State Party. It would be the only major election won by a Tri-State Party member in Freedemian history.

"We Want Doof" commercials

Doofenschmidt was very famous for his "We Want Doof" television commercials and the jingle/campaign song that went with them. Doofenschmidt was the first candidate to prioritize television ads over radio and other means, and it was very successful. Everyone knew who Doofenschmidt, affectionately known as "Doof", was, while Jernistan remained that "boring monotone voice that came on the radio every now and then", as the Quentinsburgh Journal phrased it.

Lyrics to Jingle

("We want Doofenschmidt... We want Doofenschmidt...")

"Doofenschmidt, Doofenschmidt, he's our man,"

"He supports the Tri-State Plan."

"Freedemia needs someone who can,"

"And Doofenschmidt, he's your man!"

"WE WANT DOOF! (Freedemia,)"

"WE NEED DOOF! (for president-)"

"So cast your vote for Doof and the Tri-state Plan-"

"We want Doof cause Doofenschmidt Can!"

"Vote for Doof and the Tri-state Plan-"

"We want Doof cause Doofenschmidt Can!"


(Heinz Doofenschmidt for President of the United Freedemian Union! VOTE TODAY!!!)


1948 election

Stanford Flynn, a general unknown, split the vote with Xavier Jernistan, barely getting second place. (Doofenschmidt would get about 69% of the vote, Flynn would get 14.2% and Jernistan got 13.8%.)

Tri-State Plan

Doofenschmidt was perhaps the most famous proponent of the Tri-State Plan. He believed combining states into groups of three under a federal executive over each state's executives would strengthen state's economies and leadership while expanding the power of the federal government.

Trying To Get a Twelfth State

Freedemia only has eleven states. Under Doofenschmidt's Tri-State Plan, Freedemia would be split into four tri-state areas, each under a federal executive. However, that plan required twelve states. Doofenschmidt attempted to annex Nature first, but was met with zero support. He then attempted to split a highly populated state like Quentins or Reeds in half but again had little support.

No Support From Legislature

Doofenschmidt was not able to convince the Freedemian legislature that the Tri-State Plan would be good for the states, nor that the federal government even had the authority to take over state governments.

Tri-State Scandal

In April of 1951, Doofenschmidt, impatient with the lack of legislative support and the roadblocks to the Tri-State Plan, passed an Executive Order making Quentins, Reeds, and Trenchent into one Tri-State Area and declared himself to be the "Executive Ruler of the Reeds-Quentins-Trenchent Tri-State Area". After facing huge amounts of public and governmental opposition, Doofenschmidt argued that it was a pilot program to show that the Tri-State Plan would work nationwide and that local government in the three states was corrupt and not representing their consituents well enough.

This didn't last very long. In May of 1951, in United Freedemian Union vs President Doofenschmidt, the Freedemian National Court ruled unanimously and declared the Tri-State Executive Order "unconstitutional", and it was the first case the court ever went so far to label "frivolous" and "a waste of time". The newly established Tri-State Area was immediately terminated, to Doofenschmidt's dismay.

Representatives and Poplators from Quentins, Reeds and Trenchent filed for Doofenschmidt's impeachment, but he remained well-liked enough that the vote to impeach failed several times by a large margin.

1952 Failed Reelection Campaign

1952 election

Despite his surprisingly high presidential approval ratings despite the scandal, Doofenschmidt got crushed in his attempt for reelection by Sean Bond, after losing every highly populated state in Freedemia affected by the Tri-State Scandal, home to about half the population, by a landslide. Doofenschmidt had been relying on making second place to go for a runoff for president, but came in a disappointing third when Sean Bond received 40% of the vote and Oliver Slaney edged out Doofenschmidt to get 27% of the vote compared to Doof's 25%. (Xavier Jernistan and Stanford Flynn ran again as well, but Jernistan only received 5% of the vote, and Flynn a measly 3%.)

Other Acts as President

  • Ending Operation Fedora- ended a pilot program to use trained wild animals in government operations
  • Alimony/Custody Equality Act- fought discrimination against males/fathers in child custody and alimony cases


Doofenschmidt remained a strong advocate for a strong federal government and the Tri-State Plan. The Tri-State Plan never catches on after the scandal, but his influence was what helped lead to a stronger federal government in Freedemia. This led to the development of what political analysts respectfully call Doofism. Not to be confused with Doonism and sometimes known as Doofenschmidt Doctrine or Doofist Federalism, Doofism basically is a system where despite the existence of local and state governments, the federal government retains all power over state and local governments, with the president or other executive having the most power. The system is especially growing in popularity recently in the handling of the current Graham City poverty and corruption crisis. President Robert Kenderson later used Doofism to justify his overreaching actions.

Some have argued that Doofism is a longwinded way of justifying a peaceful dictatorship, although scholars disagree on the topic.