Hesperic Ocean

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Location of the Hesperic Ocean
The Hesperic Ocean lies to the west of the continents of Uletha, Tarephia and Antarephia, and to the east of Ereva and Kartumia. It is sometimes called the Western Ocean. The most western point of land is the peninsula Sbambalino on the Tarephia continent at 6,446° E, the most eastern point of the ocean is at 48.340° E at the coast of Kalm in Uletha.

There are two straits from the Hesperic Ocean to the Asperic Ocean. One is the Strait of Abren between Uletha and Tarephia (11 km broad and 70 km long) at 29,6° N and 28,4 ° E and the Strait of Lyc between Teraphia and Anteraphia roughly about the 25° S. Here the smallest distance between the both continents are 50 km. Through the Bahia Latina then the Asperic Ocean can be reached.