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Republic of Kuşiye
Kuşiye Cumhuriyeti
KuşiyeKuşiye Coat of Arms
FlagCoat of arms
""Allâh başka bir Ilâh yoktur""
"There are no other gods than God"
"Barış Marşı"
Peace March
Located in Uletha
Largest cityAhmediye
Official languagesTurquese
Ethnic GroupsKusic (78%)
GovernmentPresidential Republic
 • PresidentMuhammed Cân
 • Vice PresidentAtila Melikşah
 • ChancellorFatih Konak
 • Diyanet MinisterHarun Kurt
 • General CommanderVeli Tevfikoğlu
LegislatureKusic National People's Assembly
 • Upper houseBüyük Meclisi
 • Lower houseKüçük Meclisi
 • Total42747.08 km2
 • Water (%)32%
 • Estimate (2019)3,120,750
 • Census (2016)2,989,599
GDP (PPP)2013
 • Total115 bi. USD
 • Per capita36850.1 USD
TimezoneWUT + 8
CurrencyKusic Akşa (KAS) KAS/USD Increase3.691
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.hf

Kuşiye ([kuːʃjæ] - KOO-shya) (Turquese: Kușiye [kuʃijɛ]) , officially the Republic of Kuşiye (Turquese: Kușiye Cumhûriyeti [kuʃijɛ dʒumhuːrijɛti] is a country located in East Uletha. Kuşiye is bordered by Uzkesh to the west, Ataraxia to the south, and Nuriye to the east. Ahmediye serves as the country's capital and is the largest city. Aproximately 75 to 85% of the Kusic citizens identify themselves as Kusic or Turquese.

At various points in history, the land had been inhabited by Axians and other peoples. Axianization, though failed, started during the rise of Axia, until 981, when today's Kuşiye was conquered by Melik the Great. The Turquese Conquerors and nomads began inhabiting the land, effectively expelling Axians living there. They promoted Iman, and with a swift aftermath, the country became Imani. A great event began in 1321, when Mehmed Gazi established the Bird State (Turquese: Kuş Devleti), hereof conquering many lands and territories. A noteful one was the battle of Ahmediye in 1488, when the near-finished North Axian Kingdom was defeated by a large amount of Kusic Soldiers. In 1621, a modernization attempt was created by Dâvud the Great. This was partially successful, but was complete in 1801 by Mehmed IV, with new laws and a centralization and industrial society.

In 1916, a coup'd'etat was made, and the Monarch was dethroned. This made Kușiye join a great war in the Kaspen, effectively making the country into a rump state. Military officer Hamid Celal Pasha then executed the coup makers and declared himself President in 1928, effectively ending nearly 600 years of Kusic Monarchy. He made secularization attempts, but it was abolished in 1951. In 1940, a brief period of a communist revolution happened in the country, making 2 years of communist history. The rebels were quickly supressed and standards were once again restored.

Today, Kuşiye is a member of EUOIA, AN and amongst other political unions. The current president is Muhammed Cân, member of the Kusic People's Movement Party (BMP Büyük Millî Partisi). It has erected measures of Iman, and suppressed Secularism, which it considers harmful for the nation.




Kuşça Büyük Millî Meclisi
Kusic Grand National Parliament
Parliament of Kusiye 2018.png
Party Voters in percent Mandates Description
   Büyük Millî Partisi (BMP, People's Movement Party) 48% 95 The People's movement party is a party with an Imanist, Conservative and Populist agenda. It's leader is Muhammed Cân, the current president of Kuşiye.
   Republican Party (CMP, Cumhuriyet Partisi) 30% 65 This party is politically minimally unstable, with some wanting less secularization and some wanting total La'Icite. It is a social democratic, leftist political party, which is opposition to the current government of Muhammed Cân. The leader is Zilhicce Kalın
   Demokratik Halk Partisi (DHP, Democratic People's Party) 10% 20 It is the only neutral party in the assembly. It has a socialist agenda, and is neutral in religious affairs. Most people in the east vote for this party, as the leader is of Pearsian Ancestry. The Leader is Özdemir Vahdettinoğlu
   Milliyetçi Partisi (MÇP, Nationalist People's Party) 8% 15 Is an Imanist Nationalist and Ultra-Conservative party. Hugely supports the current president. The leader is Memleket Çimen.
   Doğal Parti (DP, Nature Party) 4% 5 The Party is the only green party and supports the Republican Party. It is a modernist, western party which advocates for more freedoms, and resolving enviromental issues, including more collaboration with the EUOIA and AN.



The weather in Hifnakia is warm and hot, as it is located in a stepped / deserty terrain place.

Climate data for Contiguous Kusic average 1959-2019[1]
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 10.1 15.5 19.9 26.6 29.9 38.4 42.2 39.9 28.4 25.5 15.2 12.2 42.2
Average high °F (°C) 3.1 4.2 7.5 15.4 20.3 22.1 26.7 26.9 23.2 19.1 12.5 4.2 26.7
Daily mean °F (°C) −1.5 2.3 5.4 10.3 15.4 19.9 24.5 25.5 20.2 14.4 7.6 1.2 30.5
Average low °F (°C) −6.4 −2.5 2.2 4.5 8.9 10.1 12.3 12.4 10.3 5.5 2.1 −3.4 −6.4
Record low °F (°C) −20.1 −18.3 −15.4 −7.8 −5.3 −7.7 −4.4 5.6 −6.6 −10.2 −14.4 −19.9 −20.1
Average precipitation inches (mm) 72.2 65.1 62.2 60.1 49.2 33.8 17.2 19.9 29.9 49.2 64.4 77.7 77.7
Average relative humidity (%) 73 67 54 50 45 39 36 39 43 51 58 65 67
Source: Kuşiye Millî Hava Bakanlığı



Hifnakia has a central bank, the International Bank of Hifnakia, which also owns the largest Stock Counter, HNSCACA. Hifnakia National Stock Counter Admininstration Central System.


Hifnakia recently changed its currency to the new Hifnakian Dinar, which aims to strengthen forex rates and make it a strong currency. Until 2023, Hifnakir banknotes are still applicable and follow Dinar forex rates.


Exports are mostly Dairy, Cloth, Rugs, Honey, and wheat. The wheat is of best quality, and the traditional bread is very popular because of the wheat.

Cities and Storamters

Towns and Cities

Køby Admininstration

Infastructure, Technology and Innovation

Telephone Code

Hifnakia uses a unique telephone code system. All Hifnakian citizens using a Hifnakian carrier automatically gets a Phone Number and a Phone ID, called Telefonidentifikation. The Phone ID was created in 2004 in an effort to simplify calling telephone numbers.
Ali Kamal Bahar
+348 010 12 24 36 48
Køby Storamt
Hifnakia uses +348 as it's phone code. Atiashiq citizens get an additional code, which is +480 or +481 with an (350-1xx) on.

Culture, Arts and etc


  1. Kuşiye'nin Hava Normalı 1959-2019'de