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The Vodean national highway network is the major national highway network in Vodeo. All national highways are administered by the Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport. The highways serve as links between major metropolitan areas, cities, and towns, and are separate from the seventeen provincial highway systems that link smaller areas. By law, all motorways in Vodeo are part of the national highway system. All national highways in Vodeo are marked with by a green shield with orange type.

Historically, the creation of highway systems was left to the provincial governments. In 1923, the Vodean Automobile Association marked out a series of 30 major highways, with 1 through 9 marked as cross-country highways linking many of the larger centres. This was the basis for the first national highway system, which was implemented in 1927 to help boost tourism and the nation's growing automobile industry. In 1952 the system was overhauled, replacing the old 30-highway system with a 99-highway network, including a series of motorways. As the highway network grew through the second half of the twentieth century, more highways were needed; by the late 1980s there were few highways left to allocate, prompting the creation of a new system. The replacement, named the Millennium Highways System, was introduced in 1994 and was fully implemented by 1998.

Vodeo's national highway network is divided between four classifications, in descending order of priority: M, A, B, and C. Higher-priority highways (chiefly A and some B roads) serve as major inter-city routes or main tourist highways, while lower-priority highways (some B roads and C roads) are regional highways. Each of the A, B, and C roads is assigned a number based on its priority: A roads between A1 and A9, B roads between B10 and B99, and C roads between C100 and C999. It is possible for A and B roads to have higher numbers usually reserved for the next series down, depending on traffic volumes and importance within the scheme. M designations are only found on motorways and expressways, and so do not conform to the numbering scheme, as they take the number of the highway they are part of.

Highway number regions are assigned based on the highway's location, beginning with 1 in Avalon, and moving south to 9 in Gerrise:

List of National Highways

Highway From To Via Length (km) Notes Relation
 A1  /  M1  Ailford Eustace Empire's End, Mansfield, Avington, Marazan, Brynderwyn, Holme, Tindalls Bay, Greville, Mercer, Saviso, Gerrise, Aceis 1,217 Vodeo's longest highway 65426
 A2  /  M2  Northernmost Silverton Stoke, St Anne's, Endorie, Welson 859
 A3  /  M3  Holme Cockburn, Crafers, Endorie Will be upgraded to motorway standard between Holme and Endorie by 2025 65429
 M4  Schellingen Silverton
 M5  Longlac Castlegar Crafers, Cheltenham 65427
 M6  Silverton Radern
M7 Vodeo.png Javins Flat Silverton Saviso, Wahala 65428
 M8  Silverton Tracendar
 A9  /  M9  Gerrise Storanc Tracendar
 B10  Ailford Empire's End, Stranhelm, Taefral 149 65434
 A15  /  B15  Streigh
 B16  Bales Landing Stanley, Raorantac Continues east as  C198 
 B17  Belvedere Stanley Thousand Hills, Kohoso, Arrow Lake 79
 A18  /  M18  Avington Trago, Brandocaran
 B19  /  M19  Arinty Currently terminates at Arinty and continues as  M184 
To be extended to  M1  at Macquarie by 2020 as the Northern Tollway
 A20  /  M20  Endorie Folbine Auroa, Margaret Main highway linking Avington and Endorie
 B30  Colambo Marazan Barrelman, Sandolrai, Evelyntown, Mangataran, Longlac
 B31  Stodadbri Seddontown Evelyntown, Trunmarn, Caharan 126
 B32  Saltaire Bay Yorkborough Doratba
 B33  Brynderwyn Seddontown Shepherdton, Doratba 91
 A34  Taranog Bay Culwawa Donaldton Rabe Highway
 M35  Holme Airport Vienna, Holme, Afton
 B36  Linnister
 A37  /  M37  Donaldton Wafurlac Caroline, Raleigh, Zeoro, Brookby Tacora and Pountney Highways. Forms part of the Main Holme Bypass (alongside  A340 )
 B38  /  M38  Austin, Culwawa
 B39  Paraldowa Tindalls Bay Pentland Highway
 A55  /  M55  Greville Cetorancra Forms part of the main Silverton-Greville highway
 B57  Mercer Casey 76
 B58  Cetorancra Girvan Junction Dawes, Prictor 76
 M60  51 Silverton Ring motorway
 M61  Port Torahan Torahan Motorway
 A70  Razorback Sadertown Ediamore Main Saviso bypass
Currently being upgraded to motorway standard as  M70 
 B71  Inaigas Batley
 B72  /  M72  Vipond Astley Beach Batley, Green Hill, Arundel Arundel Motorway
 M73  An Coho Cape Morley Perry Cape Morley Motorway
 B74  Girvan Junction, St Clair, Ediamore, Murchison, Colyston
 B75  / M75 Vodeo.png Sadertown Aberfeldy, Hunterton, Wahala Wririas Motorway
M76 Vodeo.png Warriner Silverwater, Port Saviso, Weymouth Port Saviso Motorway
B77 Vodeo.png Zepeasan Gap Arington, Bannarine, Casserres
 B78  Ladnier Sthilldina, Plumhoe, Driscoll Beach, Van Zandt Bay, Giboys Beach
 B79  Hunterton Cuthill, Mailers Flat, Storbada
 B80  Simpson
 B85  Castlegar Chapelborough
 B89  /  M89  Templeton Berai River Bridge 18.0
 B91  Storbada Victoria
 A98  /  M98 
 C100  Cape Orai Cape Orai National Park 6.8 65432
 C101  Candle Bay Bentinck, Harcourt, Craiban Former route of  A1  prior to construction of the Far North Motorway in 1982-1992 65433
 C103  Craiban County Beach Shortcut across the Franklin Peninsula
 C104  Taefral Tecarai
 C105  Stranhelm 65435
 C159  Brandocaran Kohoso
 C179  Raorantac
 M184  Arinty Durham Pass Bremner Hill Burnside Freeway
Currently terminates at Arinty and continues as  M19 
 M185  Macquarie Odinel Woodstock, Warmford, Calliope Bay, Durham Pass Calliope Freeway
 M186  Picton Avington Portsea Freeway
 B190  Landsborough Birks Bay, Olivia Bay, Santa Rosita, Baffins 80
 C194  Great Sandy Beach Commonwealth Space Centre 18 Space Highway
 C195  Olivia Bay Baffins 11 Baffins Highway
 C198  Bales Landing Tohai, Oadon Continues west as  B16 
 C199  Beeds  B30  Delta Highway 1.6 Pralack Bridge Road, alternative free route to Gateway Bridge.
Shortest national highway in Vodeo.
 C205  Craigbank
 C208  Keldora  C179  west of Raorantac 48
 C209  Auroa Condatac
 C210  Kinleith Esk, Craigbank
 C310  Mangataran
 C313  Trunmarn  M5  Crafers Valley Freeway
 C315  Evelyntown
 C319   C360  near Helensvale Rifle Hill
 C329  Kiau Nirai Junction Ivory, Donaldton 55
 C330  Elder Point, Brynderwyn, Port Adelaide
 C331  Brynderwyn, Port Elizabeth, Gibbons Bay, Fyffes and Fitches 49 Via Brynderwyn-Welcome Island ferry
 C332  Ciliau Meredydd Cape Bryndwr Brynderwyn, Dynevor
 C333  Dynevor
 C340  Ciliau Meredydd Ladron Caroline Forms part of the Main Holme Bypass (alongside  A37 )
 C343  Stedan Zeoro Pancorbah
 C351  Tatic Vienna Carohu, Maian
 C357  /  M357  Vauxhall Island Edseltown Pirarini, Maidstone, Huntingdon, Wardville Garden Motorway
 C360  Helensvale Hicorang Crafers 32 65431
 C383  Dateca, Culwawa Former route of  M38 
 C392  Culwawa Godley Bay Lincabine
 C394  Lincabine Bodac
 C586  Casey Dawes 66
 M600  Silverton
 C709  Warfield 20
 C716  Kingseat
 C725  Crulukaes
 C726   B72  near Batley Charlotte's Landing Batley East 13.4
 C727  Batley Murchison
 C729  Aberfeldy Colyston
 C741  Prictor
 C756  Storigai Wahala 28
 M760  Eteven Colestown, Dohertys, Concord Park, Bringeldrie Millennium Drive
 C765  /  M765  Drawscoed Zenith Head Prospect, North Beach
 C769  Aberfeldy Casserres Grantville, Patamaron 23
 C770  Rosefield Cuthill Buckley, Grantville, Victorville Formerly  29  between Rosefield and Grantville until 2004.
 C772  Casserres
 C775  Latrobe Cuthill, Casserres, Gralier
 C780  Gralier Van Zandt Bay Dalori, Streatley
 C782  Lake Brenaye Haleyvale Lotogai, Jonaray, Decena 28
 C785  Tremica Tancodadahne
 C791  Wroleon Haleyvale, Tremica
 C794  Tancodadahne Eyre
 C897  Templeton
 C910  Victoria