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12, 0.3392, 31.7780
Reo ut Vors (Behan)
"Non ducor, duco"
"I do not follow, I lead"
CountryVodeo Flag.png Vodeo
 • RegionHolme
 • ProvinceCambria
 • Territorial authoritiesCity of Holme
Afton City
Hopesmarch Borough
Northcote City
Port Douglas City
Vienna City
 • Estimate (2016)2,655,210
 • Census (2012)2,327,735
Postal Code2600-2699
Telephone Code02

Holme (/hoʊm/; Beha: Reo ut Vors), officially the Royal City of Holme, is the capital and most populous city of Cambria and second most populous urban area of Vodeo. The metropolis is located on Vodeo's north coast and is situated principally between the Northcote River and Afton Bay, with the Hopesmarch Islands also forming part of the city. Holme consists of six local authorities. It has an estimated population of 2,655,210 as of 2016, and its inhabitants are called Holmsiders.


Holme has a number of important educational institutions, including the oldest university in the country, the University of Cambria. Other institutes include Holme Technical College and Northcote University.



Holme is linked to the rest of Vodeo by the Dominion Highways network, and to Cambria by the province's highway system. The M35, separated into the Queen Adelaide V Motorway, the Consolidation Tunnel, and the Centennial Motorway, is the main motorway serving the city, with the M1, Garden Motorway (M351), and Afton Expressway (M352) joining the central and western suburbs. The city's provincial highways (CA5, CA42-CA53) serve as main arterial roads. Major thoroughfares include Calcutta Road, Excelsior Road, Hopwood Road, Madeleine Road, Northcote Road, Rutledge Road, Taylor Quay, and Vienna Road.


Holme is served by Holme International Airport and a number of smaller regional airports.


The Holme metropolitan area is governed by six local councils, or territorial authorities. Clockwise from downtown Holme these are the City of Holme, Afton City, Vienna City, Northcote City, Port Douglas City, and the Borough of Hopesmarch Island. Atop this is the Holme Regional Council, which guides overall policies relating to the Holme region.