Hotel Village Square/ Geolympiad Village

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This Article is about Hotel Village Square and Golympiad Village in Quentinsburgh, Freedemia. [map]


As Quentinsburgh has grown over the last few years, it has become more necessary to have a nice airport and plenty of hotel rooms. Sean Bond International Airport had been fixed up very nicely, so the airport itself was not a problem. However, there was no special hotel area. Franklinsburgh International Airport, Freedemia's second largest airport, had recently created a new hotel and shopping area called Airport Centre. Quentinsburgh began to see the need for a similar resource. Eventually they were able to begin constructing a complex of hotels and shopping across from the rental car center now known as Hotel Village Square.

It just so happened that around this time, Quentinsburgh put in their Quentinsburgh 2016 Summer Geolympiad Proposal for the 2016 Golympiad. This worked out perfectly, as the area being constructed could also be used for the Geolympiad Village if they win the bid, and afterward be turned back into parts of the Hotel Village Square Complex. Developers are looking at transforming them into a high tech business park after the Geolympiad. The new complex constructed at the eastern side of the Hotel Village Square area are going to be used as the Golympiad Village if Quentinsburgh wins the bid. [map]

The construction of the Hotel Village Square complex is not complete, as residential and commercial units as well as more hotels are planned for south of the railway tracks.

The Hotel Village Square area is now connected to the airport by tram, and the entire complex is connected to the airport and city by bus. The (1) train ( QUARTA ) now runs directly to the area. The railway is also considering adding one station on the railway tracks for the complex, as sort of a commuter rail stop. QUARTA will likely run a QConnect line through the area, likely labeled (C3).

Redefining "Golympiad Village"

It has recently been brought to the bid committee's attention that Golympiad Village has had a pretty bad reputation for partying and such. Well, Quentinsburgh, if they win the bid, hope to change that. Opening an official virgin bar (bar with non-alcoholic beverages) and offering lots of fun, clean activities for married couples, families, and singles are large parts of their plans. The hope is that the event could also shine light on the awesomeness that wholesome activities can bring. This will be known as the "Redefine Golympiad Village" project if they win the bid. They also plan to encourage visitors to enjoy the other non-Geolympiad related wholesome activities Quentinsburgh has to offer during their stay.