Humsby (Municipality)

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Z13, -46.1848 °S, 43.9664 °E
Flag of Humsby

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Municipality in Winn
Capital Humsby
Country Winn
Region Allsaintsland
Barony Saint Almath
Mayor Gerald Wixwell
Area 27.59 km2
Population 26930 (2019)
Highways A-4, A-15
Train station Chappel-Humsby Station
Postcode Q3C, Q3D
Website www.humsby.wn

Humsby is a municipality in the semi-independent country of Saint Almath. It consists of the capital, Humsby, and several smaller villages in the eastern end of the country. It is the third largest municipality of the country.


Humsby as a municipality has existed since the introduction of the municipal system. In 1900, the municipality of Middlely and Peartree was dissolved, and added to Humsby. Since then, in 1975 the last big change to the municipal borders occured, when neighbouring municipalities of Chappel and Inning and Point were added to Humsby. Lastly, in 2008, the municipality of Dennic was formally dissolved, and a small portion of its territory was added to Humsby as well.

Population Centres

The most populous place in the municipality is Humsby. The table below shows the other places in the municipality as well.

Population Centres
Place Inhabitants
Humsby 19850
Inning 2700
Chappel 2200
Middlely 950
Point 435

The municipality also holds several hamlets, being Doorhouses, Peartree-Rex, Thuring and Wisthem.


The mayor of the municipality is Gerald Wixwell, a politician of the RStA party. Below is a table with the distribution of the 23 seats in the municipal council since 2008.

Seats in the Municipal Council
Party 2008 2012 2016 2020
RStA 8 7 9 10
ABW - 2 3 3
Local94 8 9 9 9
LPWF 1 0 0 -
OPAL 7 5 2 1

As for the national elections, the municipality largely falls under the Saint Almath elective districts of Humsby and Dennic.


The municipality lies next to the N-20, the main highway through Saint Almath, connecting southwards towards Kingbury. There is one exit off the highway into the municipality, the A-3, which runs between Saint Almath City, Humsby, and Inning towards Willow. Additionally, the A-15 connects Chappel with Humsby and up to Saintschurch, and the A-7 runs between Point, Inning and out toward Dennic.

The mainline between Saint Almath and Kingbury runs through the municipality, right past Chappel, where it has a station, Chappel-Humsby. From here, a bus line connects the station to Playsworth, Humsby, Point and Inning, effectively serving the whole municipality.

Bordering Municipalities

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Town: Humsby
Villages: Chappel · Inning · Middlely · Point
Hamlets: Doorhouses · Peartree-Rex · Thuring · Wisthem
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