Hyldian Aoren

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The Hyldian aoren is the currency of the state of Hyldia, divided into 12 seilar. The currency symbol is ao and is written after the numbers and the code is HAO.


There are 5 coins

1 seilen
2 seilar
6 seilar
1 aoren
2 aorar


There are eight banknotes:

Banknotes Design
5 ao Banknote5hao.jpg
10 ao Banknote10hao.jpg
20 ao Banknote20hao.jpg
50 ao Banknote50hao.jpg
100 ao Banknote100hao.jpg
200 ao Banknote200hao.jpg
500 ao Banknote500hao.jpg
1000 ao Banknote1000hao.jpg