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The International VeloMobile Championship is a velomobile racing championship.

A typical early 90s vehicle


The International VeloMobile Championship began in rather mundane circumstances. It originated in 1985 when two friends met in a suburban carpark in Carran. One friend brought a racing bicycle, whereas the other brought a borrowed velomobile, that he had modified to be faster. They had a race in which the velomobile won. The popularity of using velomobiles in bicycle races in Auleus then exploded and by 1987 the inaugural race specifically for velomobiles took place, an hour-long event, that eventually was shortened to 45 minutes after a small accident, around a circuit marked out by cones in the Carran Stadium car park. This proved massively popular and for the next season in 1988 it expanded nationwide and was dubbed the Aulean Velomobile Cup or AVC this included the inaugural 24 Hours of Port Duffy. During the early years, the Cup was dominated by the North Galanta Primary School. In 1992 the Cup expanded to become the All Antarephian-Tarephian Velomobile Championship after absorbing the Tarephian and North Anterphian Velochamps and the Julford and District Tricup. Then in 1996; two things happened the championship became international and hybrid trikes were introduced. By 2002 the hybrids were doing 150 kph and burst into flames a lot as they had an absolute minimum of cooling and so the choice was made to ban motors. The teams that still wanted to run motors left to join the own championship the Motor Trike Cup this ended after a couple of seasons after it got too expensive and dangerous. Since 2005 the championship has seen substantial growth, even if it is sans-motors

2017 Teams

Number Country Team Manufacturer Captain
2 Auleus Team Gregwoire Speed Trikes Harry Georgoh
264 Auleus RABCo RABCo Thomas Beyersdorf
Castilea Archantea Corredors de Foc d'Edetanea
Castilea Archantea Hernán Sumiedo Castrillo
Castilea Archantea Elisa Sumiedo Castrillo
9 Zylanda Zylvelo Zylvelo Gang Ole Gnaddmuul
11 Cascande Speed Spirit Givex Alessando Benacci
17 Latina Paloma 17 Berger & Hernandez Conchita Gris
8 Ullanne Teamo Akson Ciklo Du Radoj Bona Grupo Arlo Verda-Miskel
33 Brasonia KanariumMob Admira Bora Moreira
265 Auleus RABCo RABCo Himnak Rowe
99 East Esheinia Kjao'oa Kjilek Motors Vikji Bialis
27 Freedemia HareVelo Starmobile Daniela Diego Nawville
1 Auleus North Galanta Primary School Speed Trikes Harry Jakes
93 Balonis VeloForce Velomóviles González Efrén Rico

An unmarked RABCo trike

2017 Races

Round Race Pole Position Fastest Lap Winning Team Winning Constructor
1 Aulean Tourism Board 3 Hours of Carran
11 Admira Motors 24 Hours of Barra da Grama
12 Wilks Hardware 24 Hours of Port Duffy