Ida Bell-Aster

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Bell-Aster signing autographs at the 2013 Winter Sez-Mareb Rally.

Ida Bell-Aster
Born21 October 1980
Nat flag ullanne.jpg Ullanyé
ResidenceApiaries House, Etatono, Ullanyé
Alma MaterUniversity of Etatono (Corporate law)
OccupationTelevision Presenter and former Race Car Driver
Known forHer racing career, television and charity work
Years Active2002-2009 Driver, 2014 - current, Television Presenter
AwardsUllannessa Women's Trails - 1st Prize 2005, 2006 & 2008

Golden Box 2016 for Factual Programming
Home TownFingers, Portland Free, Ullanyé
Spouse(s)Picta Joss-Imaal
ChildrenStar Bell-Joss & Rian Joss-Bell

Ida Bell-Aster (born 21st October 1980 in Etatono, Ullanyé) is an Antarephia motorcycle racer and host of the television show 'Careful Lady Driver?' since 2014.

She is a former 3 times Ullannessa Women's Trails Champion, winning the national title in 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Early Life & Education

Daughter of industrialist Steg Aster-Cofac and poet Tristess Bell-Duran, Ida Bell-Aster grew up in the affluent Fingers neighbourhood of Portland Free. She was educated at the Passionist Order Model School and went on to attend the University of L'Etate studying corporate law.

Her interest in motor vehicles and racing began in 2001 when after her father's company purchased the Ullannese car manufacturer Compac-Trudeau.

Race History

Initially participating in regional time trials with the Spatial Systema team she eventually placed 3rd in the 2002 Letate National, driving a Compac-Trudeau Roadster X10 Alpha. The following year driving a modified C-T Roadster V8 she came 2nd, beaten to 1st place by Lorca Drel-Sea of Team Selachii after suffering engine trouble.

Bell-Aster went on to win the Ullannessa Women's Trails in 2005, 2006 and 2008 with her co-driver, Patsy Cabon-Curra.

She has competed in the Hesperic-Asperic Coast to Coast and the annual charity Trans-Antarephian Flugdrag race.

Bell-Aster retired from professional racing in 2009 to raise her family.

Television Career

In 2014 she stepped in to replace Jemima Claru-Ikers on the popular motoring show 'Careful Lady Driver?' after the former presenter's acrimonious departure in 2013. During her tenure as lead host Bell-Aster has been credited with the resurgence in the shows popularity and a doubling of it's viewing figures.