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12, 34.7921, 118.3753
 • Total143.6 km2
 • Census (2015)195 000
 • Density1358/km2

Igilaē (ʔigilɛː) is the thirties largest city in the Republic of Kojo. Most notably it is the seat of Kojo's highest courts. Alongside with the city of Kari it holds local branches of all crucial branches of government, which otherwise exclusively reside in the capital Pyingshum; this is mostly a preventive measure for unexpected times of war in the otherwise strictly centralist organised nation, and with regards to the courts also physically represents the distance between the executive and judicary branch of government. Hence the supreme courts of Kojo reside in the city with their main branch.


The city grew around the Baroque [OGF-equivalent?] Anchaen Palaē Palace built from 1716 - 1721 by Surb-Anchaen-Taihē from the Pyilser-krun'a Dynasty as a pleasure palace; from then until the overthrow of the monarchy in 1828 the city was called "Anchaen so Kyūkaē", lit. "Anchaen's Rest". With the abolishing of the monarchy the city was renamed to its current name, which is the name of the small village that stood near the town's modern site before the palace was built, and the juridictional branch of the newly formed government moved here from its temporary facilities in Pyingshum in 1837. The reasoning behind this measure was that th newly established courts were quickly found to be overly favourable towards the newly forming political elite, and to encourage a jurisprudence that was unaffected by politcal turmoil in the capital.


Administration and demographics

The city of Igilaē (Igilaē-sur) lays within the region Gyoéng'guffe-iki. The city is subdivided into X administrative districts, the Dengshōs. Dengshōs are then subdivided into Pangs, which can be compared to wards or city quarters.

List of Dengshōs in Igilaē

Name of Dengshō & Number English translation area population pop. density Notes
Níwasulkō-Dengshō (1) Garden City km² inh./km²
[[]] (2) km² inh./km²
[[]] (3) km² inh./km²
[[]] (4) km² inh./km²
[[]] (5) km² inh./km²

List of Pangs in Dengshō 1 - Níwasulkō

Name of Pang English translation area in km² population pop. density Notes
[[]] km²



Far-distance railway

The city's main station Igilaē Zóngchezi is served three times an hour by the IC high speed railway network, with all trains running to and from Pyingshum. The Express service IC 3 E runs through the station without a halt.

Number Stops Headway Rolling Stock Notes
IC 3 Pyingshum ADC, Kahyuemgúchi, Nároggul, Igilaē, Womenlū, Zúkshi (Fóskiman h.), Finkyáse, Marbella, Ataraxie-Ville 1 h (4+4) -/-
Ántibes 1 h (4+4) -/-
1 h (4+4) -/-

Regional rail

The city is served by several KC and KCP regional rail services.




Igilaē is, especially due to its wide and green radiant boulevards and its flat terrain, very bicycle-friendly.


The nearest airports are in Kippa and Womenlū, however Pyingshum International Airport is only about 50 min away on the hourly IC line 2b.




The university of Igilaē, Igilaē Ōnagara (IO), is recognised by the BMS University Ranking as an elite cluster in education and research for Constitutional Law and Jurisdiction, both for Kojolese and international applications. Its faculty of law is consistantly ranked as the nation's best, and therefore the University also gets ranked 3rd in the combined category "Business and Law".


Sports and Culture