Iles du Midi

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Flag of the Midi Islands
Boats in the Port-Lympie bay

Iles du Midi is a province in south west Broceliande consisting of many islands among which 17 are inhabited. The capital and main city is Tassia, located on Socre island.

It counts approximately 500,000 inhabitants.

It is the main touristic destination of Broceliande and a major destination at a global level.

The Midi Parliament is located in Tassia [1] as well as the Prefecture [2] (State representation).

It is well connected to the continent by ferries (from Belleville and Mégare). The Tassia airport [3] offers many national and international destinations.


The Midi Islands played an important role during the Dranband war. At the end of the war, they hosted 20% of the 1901 refugees.

The province was created in 1967. Before, the islands were a part of Occidanie.


The 17 inhabited islands are: Alliosse, Auzon, Cannée, Castelroseaux, Eleau, Elephantine, Errol, Grande Livie, La Rannée, Lympie, Milène, Ormont, Parille, Petite Livie, Picarie, Simme and Socre.


the white cliffs of the northern coast of the island of Socre

Socre is the largest island. It concentrates half of the whole province population. The main port as well as the main airport are located in Tassia, the capital and main city of the island. Palerolles, the second biggest port is also located on Socre.

Tassia, the main agglomeration, counts about 130,000 inhabitants.


The port of Safir (Parille)

Parille is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands of Tarephia. The whole island is now included in a general protection area (even if only the eastern part is fully protected).

It is also known as "L'ile aux cent églises" (the Hundred churches island).

The northern shore is a famous spot for snorkeling and diving.

There are 6 villages on the island:

  • Plaka: historically the main city and the only settlement with no direct access to the city (protection from piracy)
  • Samada: main port of the island and its ferry hub. It is today the most populated city of the island.
  • Pollonie: the most expensive village.
  • Saraquille: best place for snorkeling and diving.
  • Safir: mainly for families.
  • Caropola: the party village, mainly for youngsters.

Kelfes was as small village located on the eastern part of the island. It’s been abandoned for 70 years.

The economy of the island is mainly based on tourism. The Pollonie quarry is still very profitable due to the high quality of the marble extracted.


The province counts 500 000 permanent residents. Half of them live on Socre. During the high touristic season, the population of the province can reach 2.5 million people.

The island with the smallest number of permanent residents is Alliosse (less than 150).


Midi islands have the highest unemployment rate of the country (18-20%) and many people live on seasonal jobs (tourism and farming).

Today, the economy of the islands is mainly based on tourism and services (the only growing sectors). Agriculture and mining (marble) remain important employment sectors.

The economy of the islands suffers from widespread corruption and low efficiency of public policies. These issues have direct consequences on the level of foreign investments.