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Flag of the Illion Province
Map of the Illion Province in Broceliande

Illion [1] is a province in south east Broceliande. The capital and main city is Troie. It is the second richest province after the Valoris province. It is the oldest inhabited area in Broceliande (around the Troie Bay).

It counts approximatly 4 million inhabitants (1/3 of the national population) concentrated on the coast and along Eurotas River.

It is famous for its cultural and historical heritage as well as for its dynamic economy.

It is the main touristical destination of Broceliande and a major destination at a global level. The Troyan Riviera and the Green coast are among the most visited and most exclusive areas.

The Illion Parliament is located in Troie ([2]) as well as the Prefecture (State representation [3])


The nowadays province of Illion is the addition of the former Illion Kingdom, the free city of Troie and the Polignac Principalty. Broceliande took control of Illion after the two Illion wars (1665-1671 and 1785-1790).

The conquest of Illion had a major influence on the development of Broceliande, culturally and economically.

Sansévérina is the historical capital of the Illion Kingdom. Prince Charles II choose Troie to host the Illion parliament and the state representation in 1790 just after winning the second Illion war.


Illion is about 3360 km².

The Troyan Riviera

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The roadstead of Troie

The roadstead of Troie is a natural deep water bay located in the Illion province. It is protected from the open sea by the strait of Sion. For centuries it has been a strategical area for the Drapeaubro.png Broceliande Crown.

Today, the roadstead is a world class harbor with :

  • the port of Troie [4] : main industrial and transshipment port in Broceliande,
  • the port of Charleville [5] : main fishing and raw materials port of Broceliande,
  • the Arsenal de Charleville [6] : Fist military port of the country, hosting a submarine base, a military shipyard, a naval college and a military hospital.
  • the Arenc oil Refinery located in Troie [7]
  • the Corouge shipyard [8]
  • the Ville-Marie passenger terminal offering worldwide shipping destinations [9]

It is connected to Sansévérina and Valoris by the Eurotas river.

More than 2 million people live on its banks.

The rich ecology of the roadstead has been diminished in the past century by the exploitation of certain resources, and by the presence of a number of pollutants including heavy metals. The bad water quality is a direct consequence of the heavy sea trafic and the presence of numerous industrial installations. As a consequence, bathing is prohibited on all the bay beaches.

The Green Coast

The Illion Forest


4 million people live in the Illion province. 85% of them live along the coast and in the Eurotas Valley.

With 3 million inhabitants, the Troyan metropolis is the main urban center.


Illion is the second richest province of Broceliande after Valoris-Capitale. Its economy is diversified.

The Troie-Charleville-Sansévérina Metropolis (TCS-M)

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