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Aerie Caeltig
Native speakersc4.5 Million (as of 2015)
Language familyUletarephian
Writing systemRomantian script
Signed formsSigned Inaran

Inaran, sometimes also referred to as Aerie Caeltig or Pretanic Caeltig, is a Caeltig language native to Inara, and the Inara Basin regions of Pretany.

The Inara-Pretanic Census 2010 showed that 4 million speakers of the language as a second language in the basin.

Origins of the language are speculated to come from 300 AD, migrating to the Inara Basin during the The Inaran people are believed to have been migrated east shortly before the the 400 AD Gaelig migrations from north western Uletha. The language was once heavily spoken throughout Pretany during the reign of the Inaran Nation until the 14th century. It was in heavy competition with both the Nortian Romantian languages and Standard Pretanic at that time due to tribal conflict and invasion, but left a notable mark in place names around Port Emporia the once capital of the Inaran Nation.