Inner Sound of Shadze-Ma

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9, -45.9645, 69.5362
Inner Sound of Shadze-Ma
Koolas Beg
SM Urne PM distant.jpg
View of the Sound from Urne, with Pointing Man
Basic Information
CountryShadze-Ma Flag.png Shadze-Ma
Nearest settlementUrne & Yshon
TypeCoastline & cliffs

The Inner Sound of Shadze-Ma, Koolas Bek (Little Narrows) in Shenavroon, is the inlet of the Asperic Ocean which separates the islands of Yshon and Dshon from Helon, Urne and Karg.

The independent district of Tayfir is located at the north end of the Sound. The capital, Yshon and the towns of Urne and Laylat al-Qadr also lie on the Sound.

The statue of the Pointing Man was found lying in shallow water in the Inner Sound of Shadze-Ma in 1867 by the pioneering diver Alfonse Capulin de Ramos.