Iper Group

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Iper Group
logo of Iper Group
Founded18 June 2003
HeadquartersOdrava, Drabantia
Area Served Central Uletha
Key PeopleMarian Šmíd, President
 Internet services
 Cellular phone network
 Television and radio channels
RevenueDecreaseKr 3.64 billion (2016)
Net IncomeIncreaseKr 1.71 billion (2016)
Total AssetsIncreaseKr 4.59 billion (2016)
Total EquityIncreaseKr 2.08 billion (2016)
Number of employees17,116 (Drabantia)[1]
SubsidiariesIper Corporation
Web Sitehttp://ipergroup.com

The Iper Group is a publicly traded international corporate group based in Drabantia. It operates superstores under the brands Iper and Iro and various food processing industries in Uletha through Iper Corporation, a subsidiary corporation. The group also runs telecommunication and internet services as well as several radio and TV stations in Drabantia through the subsidiary corporation ETelecom.


The Iper Group was formed on June 18th, 2003 from the merger of Iper Corporation and ETelecom. The history of Iper Corporation can be traced back to 1876, when brothers Ivan and Petr Rodák first opened a grocery store in Žitava; eTelecom first started operating as a state-owned landline infrastructure manager under the name SPT (Státní podnik telekomunikace, "National telecommunications company") in 1921. SPT changed its name after being privatized in the 1990s.


Logo of Iro.


Iper Groups operates the supermarket chain Iro and the hypermarket chain Iper through the subsidiary Iper Corporation. Iro and Iper have about 350 locations in total, with most of them being in Drabantia.

The Iper Corporation is also the owner of multiple food processing factories in Central Uletha.

Telecommunications and media

ETelecom, a subsidiary corporation of the Iper Group, is the leading internet service provider and second largest cellular phone carrier in Drabantia.


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