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Territory of Ismikk
"Ad mare de caelum, ausuros nos"
From Sea to Sky we'll venture
Together we stand (Melody)
CapitalPalmerston City
Largest cityPalmerston City
Official languagesEnglish, French & Ismikkese
 • Regional languagesNordic Languages, Spanish, Inretski
NationalitiesIsmikkese (81%), Mixed Achantian (10%), Other (9%)
DemonymIsmikkese, Ismikknian
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
 • PremierDonald Ramotar
 • Vice-PremierMichelle Hofseljland
 • Minister of Foreign AffairsLeonard Salisbury
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseBarteathing
 • Estimate (2014)1,550,000
GDP (PPP)2014
 • Total$45.43 billion
 • Per capita$41,300
GDP (nominal)2014
 • Total$55.468 billion
 • Per capita$50,425
HDI (2013)Increase 0.85
very high
TimezoneWUT + 9 h
CurrencyIsmikkese Dollar (ID)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.ri

Ismikk, officially known as the Territory of Ismikk (Ismikkese: "Ismikklebberlind), is a country located in southern Archanta.


  • Ismikk was founded as a nation in 1924 after the joining together of North Ismikk and Sudesterland, two historic nations that separated the Northern and Southern regions. It has been found that the Ismikk region was occupied as early as the 18th century.


  • Ismikk, along with it's neighbouring nations, is located in Southern Archanta. The majority of the nation is fairly mountainous, with the exception of the Abbotsdorp Valley, which runs from the shoreline at Palmerston City, inland for approx. 30 kilometres.

Immigration and Multiculturalism

Ismikk multiculturalism originally stems far back from it once being a colonial power of Gobrassanya. Mass migration was present to both Mecyna and Ismikk in the 1940's. People from nations such as Ardisphere, Commonia, and Latina came during hardship to pursue a better standard of living in a newly developed country. Ismikk was advertised as the new frontier in a new corner of the globe and this and the promises of land, employment, and many freedoms attracted many people to the nation. Multiculturalism is most easily seen through the wide variety of place names and family names that exist in Ismikk. Despite this influx of new citizens, the tradition Ismikkese population, known as the "Ismikkleb", never encountered any true conflict with them. The two managed to peacefully cooperate land and social terms and today both the traditional peoples and those of immigrant families receive equal opportunities in all aspects of life in Ismikk.

International Relations

Ismikk Embassy in Latina: 1210, Avenida Prosperidad, # 3 Opera, Latina (Cidudad) Ismikk Enbassy in Wiwaxia: Seal Street & Quilter Road, Wiwaxmouthe-


  • Ismikk has a thriving economy with Aquaculture and Forestry as it's two main industries.

Largest Cities

  • The Largest Cities and Census-Designated Places are listed as follows:
Rank City or Town
1. Palmerston City
2. Byomrade
3. Sable-du-Crique
4. Vikkers Bay
5. Honiton Hills
6. Lake Amstrom
7. Rennesboro
8. Abbotsdorp
9. Locklinn Park
10. Aldileigh-Vespersson Bay


  • Rail

Rail transport in Ismikk is a growing mean of transportation for both inter city commuting and long haul travelling. Ismikk is served by Ismikk Rail and offers domestic routes as well as international services to Inretsk, Mecyna, and Karolia. The Ismikk-Inretsk High-Speed Railway, connects the South Coast to the Inretski cities of Peshaakpoto and Tuckseed.

  • Roadways

The road network in Ismikk is extremely developed and well funded. Palmerston City is served by the Western Highway, which runs an approx. 150 Km route east-west from Port Langbrisk to the City. The Great Palmerston Beltway is a ring route that was built to alleviate congestion in the Capital. It also connects to the Altair Highway which heads north towards the Mecyna border. Another route, perhaps the busiest of all, is the South Coast Expressway, which runs from Rennesboro south to the Inretsk border. It follows the coastline and connects the capital Palmerston City to Byomrade and the inland microstate of the Principality of Graenakkur.

Ismikk License Plate
Highway near Palmerston City
  • Ferry Transport

The nation of Ismikk is served by the IsLine Ferry Co., which provides numerous services from the mainland ports of Westport (Palmerston City), and Port Langbrisk.

This is a list of ferry routes with scheduled sailings only.

  • Ferry Classes: T= Freighter (Large Capacity for Passengers), U= Double-Ended Ferry, V= Single Deck Ferry (Short Distance)
Route Operator Ferry Class Duration
Port Langbrisk-Phoenix, Mecyna (With additional service to Negen Hobn, Zylanda) IsLine Ferries T 8 hours (to Phoenix)
Port Langbrisk-Vikkers Bay IsLine Ferries T & U 1 Hour
Westport-Labeau Island IsLine Ferries U 45 Minutes
Rennesboro Harbour-Skagengenta Islands IsLine Ferries V 30 Minutes
Westport-Winthuysen Island IsLine Ferries V 20 Minutes

  • == List of greater airports ==

This list is for airports with scheduled commercial flights only. Facilities for general aviation or military use listed elsewhere.

  • Town: City or Region Served
  • Code: international Airport-Code
  • Class: A = intercontinental, B = international, C = regional
  • Runways: Number of runways
Airport name Primary City or Town Served Code Class Runways
Rodriguez International Airport Palmerston City RPC A 3
J.P Alund International Airport Lost country.png Graenakkur, Locklinn Park JPA B 2
Vikkers Bay & Coast Regional Airport Vikkers Bay VBC C 1


List of Colleges and Universities

  • A list of higher education institutions in Ismikk, including specialized schools, technical and medical schools and other institutes of higher learning.
School Abbreviation City or Town Info
Kings International & Hamilton University KIHU Palmerston City Largest University in Ismikk
Rennesboro Institute RInst. Rennesboro Specializes in Tech & Medical Programs.
Sir Dayton University SDU Palmerston City (Honiton Hills) Specializes in International Studies, and Social Sciences, among others.


  • The two national sports of Ismikk are Football (Soccer) and Ice Hockey, both of which have great support from the Ismikkese people.


The most popular and successful football club in Ismikk is Palmerston City FC. Not only is it the well known, but it also attracts support from people abroad. Other notable teams in Ismikk include Inter Janvayskyla, VBB, and Corinthians SC Stargrad. Currently over 10 teams from Ismikk compete in the national Ismikkliiga.

  • Ice Hockey (Second most popular sport)

Ismikk is also known for Archanta's only professional ice hockey league, the Continental Ice Hockey League. The sport's popularity has significantly grown over the past years. The nation is home to three franchises: Palmerston City Nationals, Byomrade Bucs, and the SDC Hurricanes. Below the multi-national CIHL, there exists a domestic Ice Hockey League known as the Ismikk SuperLiiga. It is considered a second-tier league but is known for its development of hockey prospects.


In terms of popular music in Ismikk, many genres dominate the charts including pop, rock, and electronic/dance music. There exists a large underground experimental and dance scene centred around the West Side Downtown area of Palmerston City and the Cape neighbourhood in Sable-du-Crique. Top artists on the charts currently in Ismikk include dance and electronic DJ Roman Vérduras, the Rock group "Battalion", and the pop/house group known as "EmFunk".

Performing Arts

In both Palmerston City and Sable-du-Crique exists a vibrant arts scene. Top class performances and festivals are often held in the major cities. The largest and most well known theatre in Ismikk is the "Apollo Grande". It is located in Palmerston City and is world renowned. Marquee productions often headline the events taking place here, which include musical performances, opera, and radio shows. The Apollo Grande and its arts complex have played host to the South Archanta Fringe Festival for the past four years. The festival spans one month in the summer with events in Sable-du-Crique and Palmerston City of course.