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JP's Convenience is a popular convenience store in Freedemia. Most locations are located at gas stations, although some locations are located in more dense urban environments as a small store for people to shop at.

The store is well known for its Fuel Rewards program. Basically, if someone has a JP's ConvenientCard, they earn points for stuff in the store when they buy gas, which is mostly unique among their competitors, who generally work the other way around.

JP's also operates some larger truck stop and travel mart style locations, generally under the name JP's TravelStop.

JP's biggest competitors within Freedemia are Convenience Corner, a company who originally just had locations in apartment complexes under the name Complex Corner Convenience Store but branched out to open many successful fuel marts, and Mail and More Convenience Store, well known for having mini-post offices (Freedemian National Postal Service) in the store, as well as food and other items.

JP's biggest competitor in the truck stop travel mart market is Saturn Road Trip, a very popular travel mart with a huge inventory of travel supplies, a food section, a restaurant, auto repair at some locations, and more.