Jameson Junction

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Z16, -46.84805 °S, 46.59546 °E
Jameson Junction
Saint James

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Hamlet in Winn
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Municipality New Winn Bay
Town Millten
Population 170 (2020)

Jameson Junction, locally also known as Saint James (Aeránanue: Lint Jémsenn) , is a hamlet in the municipality of New Winn Bay, in the Winnster barony of Caspica. It is situated in a small pocket between the Chessic - Paulitz and Millten - Justine Railway railway lines. In 2020, it had 170 inhabitants, and is considered a hamlet of Millten. Between 1892 and 1895, it was a seperate municipality, after which it became a part of Millten and Cathan, which was added to New Winn Bay municipality in 1985.


With the construction of the railway between Millten and Justine in 1842, Millten Station became increasingly busy. As a compromise, instead of using the constipated station in Millten, passengers looking to transfer from Justine to the New Winn Bay area or vice versa were offered the option to change using a two new halts which formed a single station, originally simply called Junction, or Junction For Kerkiry. This option of changing services became notorious, but eventually a small hamlet begun to form, having been recorded to have as many as 200 inhabitants in 1880. At this point the hamlet was officially still considered nameless, but when Winn saw the municipal system introduced in 1892, the municipality that was formed around the hamlet was named Saint James, for the name of the chapel which was built there in 1870. However, in 1895, the municipality was dissolved and was added as a whole to the municipality of Millten and Cathan. By 1906, the hamlet, which had officially taken over the name Junction, saw its eastern railway halt (toward Justine) become unused, and only 5 years later, the western halt was also shut down. In 1920, the municipality of Millten and Cathan saw to officially rename the hamlet, as its name had been deemed "too generic". After polling under the population, in 1922, the new official name of Jameson Junction, after the first preacher of the village, Earnest Jameson, was revealed. While the population of the hamlet has been as low as 40 inhabitants in 1970, in the past few decennia, the hamlet saw population growth, to as much as 200 in 1990. With the opening of the curve of railway between Billhack and Diskwolde, Jameson Junction is now fully surrounded by train tracks. The Earnest Jameson Street connects to the K68 in the west, and towards Diskwolde in the east.

Points of Interest

  • A small elementary school, built in 1992, on the location of the former municipal hall.
  • The old location of the train halts is still visible along the Junction Street, and to the west of the West Street.
  • The Chapel, built in 1851 by Earnest Jameson.

Mayors of Saint James Municipality

Term Mayor Notes
1892 - 1895 Charles Wexham was also Mayor of Billhack (1892 - 1899)
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