Jardinian supremo

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Jardinian supremo
supremo jardiniano (Castellanese)
5000supremos reverse.png
5000 supremos banknote
Subunit ¹/₁₀₀céntimo (¢)
Symbol§ or Sp.
Banknotes100, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000 and 500000
Coins10¢, 12½¢, 25¢, 50¢, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50
UserJardinian flag.png Jardinia
Central BankCentral Bank of Jardinia
Inflation🔺 12%
Value1 USD = 38,000 JRS

The supremo (symbol: §; ISO code: JRS) is the official currency of Jardinia. It was first issued in 1969 to replace the Jardinian peso, which had been the currency since independence. It is divided into 100 céntimos.

At present, the Jardinian supremo is worth 0.0000263 USD and one USD is worth 38,000 JRS, which makes the supremo one of the lowest valued currencies in the world.


The supremo was introduced on January 1, 1969 to replace the Jardinian peso —the official currency in Jardinia since independence— and other unofficial methods of payment. This decision was made by the right-wing government of Monzón as part of the anticolonialist program of the late 60s. The supremo and the peso coexisted until December 31, 1973, when the peso was officially withdrawn.

In 2008, the economic crisis led to a major inflation of the supremo, which has continued ever since because of the economic, social and political crisis and the failed attempts of the government to stop the devaluation. Now, the supremo is one of the lowest valued currencies in the world, which an exchange rate of 38,000§ for each USD.

In 2017, the government launched a new series of coins and banknotes and introduced the 500,000§ banknote. The government also planned to eliminate céntimos, but a study from the Central Bank determined that céntimo coins were still widely used in the country despite their petty value and that their removal was unfeasible.


Image Value Nickname Composition Obverse Reverse Value in USD
10¢ grano 0.000003
12½¢ ochava 0.000003
25¢ cuartón 0.000007
50¢ perra 0.000013
redonda 0.000026
ojal 0.000053
puño 0.000132
10§ niña chica 0.000263
20§ niña gorda 0.000526
50§ chula 0.001316


Image Value Obverse Reverse Value in USD
100supremos obverse.png
100supremos reverse.PNG
100§ Francisco Yécora Station wagon 0.0026
125supremos obverse.PNG
125supremos reverse.PNG
125§ Francisco Yécora Submarine 0.0033
250supremos obverse.PNG
250supremos reverse.PNG
250§ Francisco Yécora Truck 0.0066
500supremos obverse.PNG
500supremos reverse.PNG
500§ Francisco Yécora Convertible 0.0132
1000supremos obverse.PNG
1000supremos reverse.PNG
1,000§ Francisco Yécora Crane 0.0263
2000supremos obverse.png
2000supremos reverse.png
2,000§ Francisco Yécora Plane 0.0526
5000supremos obverse.png
5000supremos reverse.png
5,000§ Francisco Yécora Man and donkey 0.1316
10,000§ Francisco Yécora Autogyro 0.2632
20,000§ Francisco Yécora Ox-wagon 0.5263
50,000§ Francisco Yécora Sailing boat 1.3158
100,000§ Francisco Yécora Zeppelin 2.6316
500,000§ Francisco Yécora Bicycle 13.158