Jardiniana de Aviación

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Jardiniana de Aviación
Commenced operations1960
HubsJardinia International Airport
Secondary hubsZódar Airport
Fleet size6

Jardiniana de Aviación (WAAT: JR; ANACA: JRD) is Jardinia's flag carrier and largest airline. It was founded in 1960 and is entirely owned by the Jardinian State. Its main hub is Jardinia International Airport.


Jardiniana de Aviación was founded in 1960 and started operations that same year. The company acquired two second-hand Watanabe W12 airplanes and started offering flights from Mondeonís Airport to Dosén Airstrip (now Zódar Airport), Vai (in Guai) and Meonechot (in Oxhano). In 1962, Jardiniana started flying weekly routes to Maguériz via Quentinsburgh, Altiplano and Puerto Elizabeth.

During the Civil War, Jardiniana stopped operating most of its routes and its fleet was used by the Popular faction for both humanitarian and military purposes.

In 1991, the airline retook pre-war operations, but had to stop flying to some destinations because of tense foreign relations and had to start buying Surian planes and technology because of the restrictions imposed by the Federal States and Paxtar to access to their companies' products and parts. Most of those restrictions were removed in 1995, but Jardiniana still relies mostly on Suria and its aircraft manufacturers.


Jardiniana de Aviación's fleet comprises six aircrafts.


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Country Destination Airport Notes
Flag of Castellan.png Castellán Maguériz Maguériz International Airport
Flag of Guai.svg Guai Vai Vai International Airport
Jardinian flag.png Jardinia Dosén Zódar Airport Secondary hub
Mondeonís Jardinia International Airport Main hub
Salgáridas Salgáridas Airport
Latflag.png Latina Latina (Ciudad) Latina Airport
Leressoflag.png Leresso Aludres Aludres International Airport
PaxtarFlag.png Paxtar Safrisco Frank Trostel International Airport