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HeadquartersBusakyueng, Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo
Area Served Worldwide
Production Output2,342,000
Revenue46.84 bil USD (1 trillion Zubi)
Number of employees90,020

Joendai (alternative spelling: JQndai or JQNDAI) is a Kojolese automobile and utility vehicle producer. In 2016, the company's 90,020 employees produced a total of 2,342,000 vehicles for a total revenue of 1.077 trillion Zubi (46.84 billion USD) (world wide). Its stock shares are traded at the Pyingshum Stock Exchange and are part of the KIT 50 index. With 36,000 employees, the company's headquarter and largest production plant in Busakyueng is the largest non-government owned employer of the region, where the company also keeps Kojo's only network of privately owned and operated motorways at a length of 70 km.

The company is focused on middle-class automobiles as well as utility vehicles like trucks and some building machines.