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15, -47.5477, 40.9701
 • StateViscounty of Johnnyville-Williamston
 • Non-Hereditary Baron/BaronessBaroness Julie of Johnnyville

North of the town
Johnnyville Station 1950s


The rural town of Johnnyville is widely known for its rich history and topography. Situated in the mountainside, Johnnyville is capable of growing a wide variety of wines with their local vineyards, foremost of them situated on Mount Vasseer. This area is so well maintained that it is believed that one of the first Eus tribes was settled here.

Food and Drinks

Johnnyville, most famous for its wines and grapes that grow in this region, is also well known for its livestock health. Due to the fertility of the soil, the grass grown in Johnnyville is especially healthy for cows, meaning that large amounts of milk are harvested every day. The local town also used to support other forms of livestock, including sheep and pigs, but due to the Abattoir Banning Act (1997), as decreed by the Aulean EnviroParty, these were shut down, much to the citizens of Johnnyvilles’ dismay.


Johnnyville is located atop a small pocket of hardened magma, producing land fertile enough to grow both vineyards and livestock, with the most prime of this land being along the sides of Mount Vasseer. Due to a recent study, the volcanic activities around Mount Vasseer are ever increasing, but the ongoing supply of tourism as Johnnyvilles only source of internal income means that Johnnyville will not be evacuated anytime soon.

Civil War

See Battle of Kattarn

During The Aulean Civil War, Johnnyville, formerly named Kattarn, was considered of importance to the maintaining of order due to its considerable high ground and monumental food supply. This caused major conflict between Imperial Auleus and The Margraviate of Sudestia to a point where a parlay had to be held due to the massing casualties on both sides. At this parlay, the age-old wartime saying that; the fertility of the ground was caused only by the seed of man’s denial and the blood of those dead or dying, this shall be a tainted crop we reap.