Joseph Rene

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Joseph Rene was a revolutionary who attempted have the county of Normandie inside the province of Saint Anne - Northeast an independent nation. He was arrested (under the Grisean Law of Secession) after illegally declaring independence from the Republic of Grey Coast.
A picture of Joseph Rene taken in 1992 before his arrest in 1994.

Early Life

Joseph Rene was born Joseph Labelle Rene in Saint Royaume, Normandie County, Saint Anne - Northeast Province. He was always interested in politics, and always watched the political news on TV. At the age of 10, Joseph Rene went with his father to a rally for James Felix-Leclerc when Joseph would realize that he wanted to get into politics himself. He wrote down the entire idea regarding the County of Normandie being an independent nation and that it would mean freedom for all residents of Normandie. He had the support of 1/3 of the population of Normandie.