Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport

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Z13, -32.5055 °S, 136.1260 °E
Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport

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Basic information
Country Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States
City Jundah
Began operation 1973
Time zone +3
Elevation AMSL 10 m
Passengers 22,244,520
Aircraft operations 461,379
Direction Length
14R/32L 4000 m
14C/32C 4200 m
14L/32R 3800 m
Number Length
Long distance train lines JSI Airport Link
Metro lines Jundah Metro Rail

Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport (WAAT: JSI, ANACA: BAJS) is the primary airport serving the Jundah metropolitan area in the state of Tauhon. It is colloquially referred to by its WAAT airport code JSI. In 2016, the airport handled a total of 22,244,520 passenger boardings, making it a fairly large international hub on the West Coast.

The airport is situated twelve miles east of Downtown Jundah in the far eastern extent of the city of Stuart. The nearest urban area is Downtown Arlington Arbor, less than two miles away.


The airport opened as Bintliff Airfield in 1934. At the time, all commercial flights to Jundah used the smaller J. P. Arenas International Airport. As Jundah expanded in the 1960s, it became clear that the city needed a larger and more modern primary airport. Bintliff Airfield was chosen as the location of the new airport for its proximity to existing freeways and the abundance of surrounding undeveloped land. After ten years of planning and construction, the new airport opened as Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport in 1973. The name "Intercontinental" was chosen to prevent confusion with the old International Airport.


Airside between terminals C and D

JSI Airport has eight terminals referred to by letters A through H. They are arranged in a counterclockwise loop, with terminals A-D on the west side of the central roadway, and terminals E-H on the east side. Terminal E serves all international flights.

The check-in halls, baggage claim areas, and pick-up and drop-off areas are connected between Terminals A and B, Terminals C and D, and Terminals F and G. This is emphasized by the color coding of the terminals and their corresponding parking garages.

Terminals A-D are connected past security, as are Terminals F-H. The airport is known for difficult layovers that often require exiting and re-entering security. On the other hand, passengers may enter a security checkpoint in a different terminal as long as it is connected to their departure terminal. Frequent travelers often use this strategy to avoid long lines.

Gates are numbered in increasing order from 1 to 89 and prefixed with the terminal letter, e.g. Gate F51.

Terminals at JSI Airport
Terminal Gate Numbers Airlines Destination Countries Served
A A1-A7
B B10-B15
C C16-C25 WestAir
D D26-D33 WestAir
E E34-E50 WestAir
F F51-F59
G G60-G73
H H74-H89

Airlines and Destinations

JSI is a major hub for Federal Airlines and WestAir.

Ground Transportation

Terminal H, the airport's newest terminal

The airport can be accessed from the north or south. The north entrance connects to the freeways, which is the most direct route to Jundah. The south entrance connects to Cedar Cross Parkway and Santa Rosa Avenue and is the most direct route to Downtown Arlington Arbor. In terms of railways, the JSI Airport Link uses the north entrance, while the Jundah Metro Rail uses the south entrance.


Five public parking garages (Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange) are available near the terminals for short-term parking under 4 hours. Additional remote parking lots are available for long-term parking. The Rental Car Center has its own parking garage and is located across from Terminal E.


A designated busway runs between the lower (arrivals) levels of the terminals. Free shuttle buses provide transportation between the terminals at all hours of the day. The bus makes a loop stopping at Terminals A-D, the Rental Car Center/Pembrook Hotel, and each of Terminals E-H, in that order. The busway is also used by city buses, hotel shuttles, external parking shuttles, and tour buses.


The airport has a train station located between Terminals D and G. It is served by Jundah Metro Rail and JSI Airport Link trains. The fastest trains provide access to Downtown Arlington Arbor in 5 minutes and Jundah Central Station in 13 minutes. Typical Airport Link trains take 17 minutes to reach Central Station.