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Känton 1880 are a football team in the city of Känton, Karolia. They currently play in the Liiga 1, the highest men's division in the country, and are one of the most famous and successful teams in the country. 1880 have won the Liiga 1 seven times since its inception in 1971 and won the Riikspreema twelve times.


The team was founded in 1880 as Känton Jalgpalli-Klub, but changed its name in 1905 following the foundation of the Känton Linna Jalkpalli team (who claim they were actually established as an informal side before 1880. As one of the first football teams in Karolia, their first matches were sporadic and often friendlies against local sides with both teams having no fixed roster of players. However, from 1892 the team was organised into a formal league side and played further from home, becoming the first established Karolian football team. The park where their first games were held is today recognised as the 'birthplace of Karolian football'.

1880 played in the inaugral Liiga 1 in the 1971-2 season, finishing second.


Kanton 1880 shirt.png
1880 have traditionally played in yellow and black stripes, which came about by accident. The team had originally planned to adopt the colours of the city flag, but were unexpectedly offered some surplus jerseys from the Vespii (Wasps) running club, which were yellow with a black band across them. This evolved into the vertical stripes which are still used today. Shorts are either black or white and the away kit has either been all black or white.