Kėzėpölā Rānė

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144 Kėzėpölā Rānė banknote. The 144 Rānė note displayed here is commonly known as '1 Nîrė'. The DD100 indicates that the currency is duo-decimalised

The Kėzėpölā Rānė (symbol: Ʀ; code: KZR) (Kikapi: Honour of Kėzėpölān) is the currency of Kėzėpölān. It is denominated with an 'Ʀ', or if that is not available, with an 'R'.

The currency is issued by Zzānākŵ Kkėzėpölā, the Bank of Kėzėpölān. The currency is not officially subdivided, but divisions of the Rānė do have common names. 1 Rānė is worth 12 Törė (törānė = little honour). 144 Rānė are known as 1 Nîrė (Nîrānė = big honour). Subdivisions of the Rānė display their duo-decimal fraction.

Kėzėpölān uses a duo-decimal counting system and the romanised numeral is preceded by "DD" to indicate this.