Kū A'éropō (Pyingshum)

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Z17, 36.46421 °N, 119.32247 °E
"Old Airport", formerly Pyingshum Airport
Kū A'éropō, formerly Pyingshum A'éropō
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo
City Pyingshum
Began operation 1911, closed 1978
Time zone +7
Elevation AMSL - m
Direction Length
9/27 1150 m
Number Length

Kū A'éropō is a a former airfield in Onsen-tōjiru-Pang, Pyingshum, Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo. In 1949 it was supplemented by a new airport, Longte Puechaésa A'éropō, to the south of the city center, but was still used for scheduled flights up to the opening of the all new Pyingshum International Airport in 1987. At that point the airport was completely shut down for any air traffic and turned into a recreational area, with a small part being used for urban development and a new 6-track railway.

Although the airport's terminal building and remaining open space is protected under conservational regulations, there are always calls for rezoning the land it occupies to make it available for residential use, as a measure to counter high rents especially in the inner city of Pyingshum. However the airport today is used for all kinds of events like music festivals, and its open field is used intensively by residents for recreational purposes. Another argument against rezoning is that Onsen-tōjiru-Pang is by many measures the poorest area in central Pyingshum, with a GMNI of only 1.2, and taking away this open space would only further decrease the liveability in the area.