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Ka'lini is a 120km long and 20km wide lake situated in the center of Egani, 22 meters over sea level. The deepest pit is about 215 meters deep. It is fed by the Chena river as well as other significant rivers. The two main cities of the country, Tilia and Sykeala are situated on the coast of the lake or not far from it, as well as several towns and villages. People call it "The sea" due to its size and the colour of its water, but the proportion of salt is so low that it is a freshwater lake. The water flows to the sea through a 12km long river with rapids. The water level is constant and the river has a discharge of 840 m³/s.


Economic role

As it is the biggest lake in the Eganian Peninsula and it is situated in the center of the country, it has always had a very important role throughout history, as a natural boundary, a trade route or a source of food. Today the northern and eastern coasts are more populated and they are famous destinations for tourists and Eganian people, whereas the southern coast is wilder. Besides tourism, fishing is another economical activity. Only some parts of the lake are free to be fished and only some people are allowed to fish with a boat. But anyone is allowed to fish from the coast as long as they have the lisence.

An underground hydrolic power plant is situated by the rapids where the water flows to the sea. It produces 68MWh of electricity, enough for a town of 100 000 inhabitants.