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[[File:Kaljalup Poster.jpeg|230px}}}|sizedefault=frameless]]
Original theatrical poster
Film StudioWookiah Studios
and LocationsKenewup Studios
 Commonian Desert
DirectorKaren James
ProducerHimnak Burbourg
WriterJames Muller
ScreenplayThomas Falles
StoryDidier Jacede
Based onThe village of Kaljalup
StarringJack Mills, Bao Zheng, Julie Hamton, Himnak Grulia
Production companyWookiah Studios
PremièreApril 9, 2001
Release dateApril 22, 2001
CountryFlag3.jpg Auleus
BudgetUS$56 million
GrossUS$374 million

Kaljalup is a 2001 biography about the village of Kaljalup which was moved from the forests of Northern Auleus to the Deserts of Tarephia and struggles of the inhabitants. It stars Eus actor Jack Mills as Chief Gerald Trazel.


The story starts in a railway yard in Borderville, when the villagers board a train bound for Uletha, when crossing Tarephia the train derails when they are attacked, and as they await rescue they set up an Eus village and name it Kaljalup. The rest of the film is the town becoming more and more dystopian until it disappers from the map. The film mostly follows Chief Gerald Trazel.

Gerald Trazel


Gerald Trazel-Jack Mills

Ed Weng-Bao Zheng

Mary Trazel-Julie Hamton

Robert Trudup-Himnak Grulia