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6, 51.904, 38.672
Republic of Kalm
Republik Kalm
FlagCoat of arms
""In ewiger Freiheit vereint"
United in eternal freedom"
"Mein Land, oh Freud"
(My Land, Oh Joy)
Largest cityTarott
Official languagesKalmish language
Ethnic GroupsKohnic, Eumanic, Beltish, Lower-Egytish and other
GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic
 • Presidenttbd
 • Chancellortbd
 • President of the National Counciltbd
 • Upper houseFederal council of the Regions
 • Lower houseNational council
 • Total763,943 km2
HDI (2014)0.914
very high
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.kl

Kalm (officially: Republic of Kalm) is a country in western Uletha, located between the West Sea in the west and south-west, the Vinn Sea in the north and the Egyt Mountains in the east. Adjacent countries are Scandmark and Florescenta to the north-west, Wesmandy, Lentia, and Ventria to the north-east, Estiensia and Garlis to the east, as well as Sathria and Erfeldia to the south.



The territory that nowadays is referred to as the Republic of Kalm traditionally until the late 18th century was a conglomerate of smaller kingdoms, princedoms and dukedoms. Historically, the most powerful ones were

During Kalmish history there were many territorial changes and many times, the border has been replaced significantly.

375 AD
First attacks of Kalmish tribes to the north of the New Ionean Empire, first phase of pushing the Noumathians back to the south.

440 AD
End of the New Ionean Empire.

585 AD
The south of Kalmish territory (as of today) is taken over by Kalmish tribes.

around 665 AD
Rise of the city of Broziant as an important trading city within the delta region of Barsas river. Broziantian conquest of several coastal cities at the West Sea coast (e.g. Sinzhafen, also some other cities more to the north) within the following decades.

around 700 AD
Wavelike intentions to expand the Kalmish Empire (located around Kelm river valley and the surroundings of the city of Mant).

around 760 AD
Start of Kalmish written history.

911 - 1102 AD
First Overall Kalmish Empire with Sellnburg as the capital city, dynasty of the Sellerns. 1102 definite fall of the First Empire, after decades of creeping decline.

1100 - 1500 AD
Many smaller wars and conflicts between Kalmish petty states and principalities.

1516 AD
The Large Principality of Erfeldia is conquered by the Kingdom of Pacturia, ruled in personal union by the King of Pacturia and later by mutual relatives of the Pacturian royal dynasty.

around 1600 AD
fatal pest epidemic in the south of Kalm and in Sathria.

1667-1676 AD
Nine Year War (Kalmish: Neunjähriger Krieg), a religious war. A large group of Kamlish speaking people settles in Sathria within Zomontepe near Roantra. During the first years of the war, many catholic people flee from Kalm to Zylanda for religious reasons. After the war, many protestant returnees arrive from Zylanda.

1679 AD
Kalmish Reformation, provoked by the expansion of Sathrian mendicant orders to Kalm and the protest of Kalmish religious adherents against this development. Also, reformed Zylandian returnees had a large influence here. Religious adherents of the new Sathrian persuasions flee back to Sathria.

1731 AD
Sathria invades Erfeldia, occupation of the principality.

1750 AD
The southern part of Kalm is occupied by the Sathrians. First advance to Kinsburg region. Finally, the whole region up to Juhne river is being occupied.

1753 - 1754 AD
Sathrian occupation of the city of Herlenz.

1758 - 1778 AD
Coastal part of Torschau region under Sathrian administration.

1778 AD
Year of the Great Compromise with successful negotiations that resulted in the Treaty of Bittervolden (Kalmish: Vertrag von Bittervolden). Torschau and Kinsburg north of Barsas river now again under Kalmish administration. Erfeldia now independent and not part of the Kalmish territory due to Sathrian interests, as part of the compromise.

1781 AD
Large need of unity and thus foundation of the Great Kalmish Empire (Second Empire) with Tarott as capital city. The Duke of Stresia becomes the first Great Kalmish Emperor.

around 1830 AD
The Roantrian King in Kalmish exile within the city of Golbrünn.

1843 AD
Ludwig Balthasar Frömme shoots the Roantrian heir to the throne. The reasons are still not clear, but conflicts with the Kalmish mafia are most probable as the motivation for this crime.

1846 AD
Death of the Roantrian King in Kalmish exile.

1869 AD
Nerschach becomes Kalmish capital again.

Administrative division

The Republic of Kalm is divided into 17 federal regions (Kalmish: Regionen).

Name Code Capital Area (km2) Population Density
Hauptstadtregion.svg Hauptstadtregion NER Nerschach 7,018
Ahrland flag.svg Ahrland AHR Korslingen 30,390
Arwangen.svg Arwangen ARW Mendau 40,303
Beltgau.svg Beltgau BEL Gormand 105,108
Borwald-oberstresien.svg Borwald-Oberstresien BOS Niedernfins 28,361
Elgat-niedersolm.svg Elgat-Niedersolm ELN Rothenstadt 47,713
Herlenzerland.svg Herlenzer Land HEL Herlenz 13,225
Kelmtal-borgenland.svg Kelmtal-Borgenland KEB Orlent 27,413
Kettholm-westvinnsee.svg Kettholm-Westvinnsee KEW Lornhaus 69,453
Kohnen.svg Kohnen KOH Offenwels 82,774
Leesa.svg Leesa LES Andernis 25,824
Markland.svg Markland MAR Golbrünn 33,980
Niederstresien.svg Niederstresien NIS Wintheben 52,861
Nordland flag.svg Nordland NOR Pern 83,757
Storberg-oberfora.svg Storberg-Oberfora STO Lendrecht 41,595
Tarott.svg Tarott TAR Tarott 822
Torschau.svg Torschau TOR Kollnstadt 73,340


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Kalm has an extensive network of good-quality transportation infrastructure. It consists of a dense and hierarchic road system with a quite dense motorway (Autobahn) network with only a few few major gaps, a dense and hierarchic railway network (with many rural sections closed during the 20th century but with the tendency of re-opening even smaller lines) used for both passenger and freight traffic in a very high extent and including a growing network of high-speed lines (FLINX), a network of (artificial) inland shipping waterways, important sea shipping ports and facilities at the coasts of West Sea and Vinn Sea, and an hierarchic airport system with Tarott-Kemburg International Airport being the country's main international hub. Also, the constantly growing bicycle path network, often with its own right-of-way and the first grade-separated, prioritized Radschnellweg (bicycle fast-track) sections opened during the last decade is worth mentioning here.

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