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The Karolian Korona is the currency of the state of Karolia, divided into 100 kuld. 20 Koroned are called one Loore. It was introduced in modern form in 1928 and banknotes and coins are issued by both the federal bank Kärolias Valamunid Bänk/Banca Federala di Karolia (KVB/BFK) and three state banks. The currency is also used in Meridonia.

The currency symbol is Kr and code KKO, with loore being abbreviated to Lr and kuld as Ku. As of summer 2014, the Korona's exchange rates were stable at approximately 1Kr = UK £0.18; E0.23; US$0.31.


The Korona is the only legal tender currency in Karolia and Meridonia. Different issues are produced by the Karolian Federal Bank, the Kantonas Staatsbaank (Kanton State Bank), Karolias Kiirteribaank (Chartered Bank of Karolia) and the Liidubaank Kyori (State Bank of Kyor). All are accepted for cash payments anywhere in the country.

The Loore is less often used due to being in comparatively high-denomination units, but there are no plans to withdraw the unit and new notes are minted annually. Loored notes are larger in size, have different designs and also indicate their value in Koroned to avoid confusion. KVB and LK are currently the only banks to issue this unit in notes.


The term Korona (crown) is first found in print in a royal edict by the Protector of Paliiso in 1304, who refers to imported goods as being valued "in monies Kooroned" ie the royal coinage. The term seems to have been gradually adopted by other states for their own currencies, although it was not until the sixteenth century that a single currency was used by every Karolian state. The main medieval currency was the Fontjana Loore. Darcodian currency was in use in some eastern states as late as the early nineteenth century, as was the Maria Taler.

The modern Korona divided into 100 kuld was first introduced in 1895, along with the Loore. It was pegged to the gold standard until 1939. Banknotes were introduced in 1912.


Karolian 20 Korone banknote


  • 50 Loored (KVB and LK only)
  • 25 Loored (KVB and LK only)
  • 10 Loored (KVB and LK only)


  • 100 Korone
  • 50 Korone
  • 25 Korone (KVB only)
  • 20 Korone
  • 10 Korone
  • 5 Korone
  • 2 Korone (state banks only)
  • 1 Korone (state banks only)


  • 5 Korone (LK only)
  • 2,5 Korone (KVB only)
  • 2 Korone (KVB only)
  • 1 Korona (KVB only)
  • 50 kuld (KVB, LK and KS only)
  • 25 kuld (KVB, LK and KS only)
  • 20 kuld (KVB, LK and KS only)
  • 10 kuld (KVB, LK and KS only)
  • 5 kuld (KVB, LK and KS only)

1 and 2 kuld coins were discontinued in 1998 as they were worth more than the amounts they represented, but any in circulation are still legal tender in perpetuity. Prices today are rounded to the nearest 5 kuld ('Swedish rounding').


The designs of the earliest Korone coins have been the basis for subsequent mintings. Banknotes feature either famous figures from Karolian history, culture and sport, or national landmarks and scenes. In general the banks have agreed to feature different subject matter and use different styling cues whilst keeping to a similar set of colours in order to reduce confusion over the different issues.

KVB issue


KVB issues all denominations higher then 2Kr in banknotes. These notes all bear distinctive fractal designs as backgrounds and feature historical Karolians on korone and natural .

Current issue banknotes of the KVB/BFK
Denomination Issued Obverse image Reverse image Figure
5Kr 2004 Jän Maasriiäs, historical president
10Kr 2006 Toomas Pastoreii, composer
20Kr 2011
20Kr obverse.png
20Kr reverse.png
Lidija Raasmila, poet and mathematician
25Kr 2010 Aleksi, eighteenth-century general
50Kr 2001 Kalvo II, historical monarch
100Kr 2012 Jäna Sipvoo-Liatara, social reformer
10Le/200Kr 2008 Silver Moon butterfly
25Le/500Kr 1999 Risparu sheep
50Le/1000Kr 1997 Mountain bear


The design of regular coins features the national coat of arms on the obverse and the amount in numerals and text on the reverse. Special coins have been minted by the KVB to commemorate anniversaries, national events and other points of national interest. Around Kr2 million worth of coins are replaced every year with new mintings.

Coins of KVB/BFK
Denomination Material
5Ku nickel-plated copper
10Ku nickel-plated copper
20Ku silver alloy
25Ku bronze and silver alloys
50Ku silver alloy
1Kr bronze alloy
2Kr gold alloy
2,5Kr gold and silver alloys

Kantonas Staatsbaank issue

The KSB does not issue coins and therefore not denominations of kuld. 1Kr and 2Kr are minted as banknotes.

Current issue banknotes of the KSB
Denomination Issued Obverse Reverse Design
1Kr Känton city
2Kr Majos river
5Kr Railways
10Kr Bridges
20Kr Aircraft
50Kr Music
100Kr Shipping

Karolias Kiiteribaank issue

The privately-owned KK issue banknotes only and ceased to mint coins in 1984.

Current issue banknotes of the KK
Denomination Issued Obverse Reverse Design
1Kr Castle of Säntjana
2Kr Vasireii
5Kr Old Town of Paliiso
10Kr Radavarli
20Kr Rispoo Palace, Osmila
50Kr Fontjäna Old Town
100Kr Monastery of St.Poltan

Liidubaank Kyori issue

LK was founded before the incorporation of the modern republic and in keeping with the semi-independent nature of the state of Kyor, use somewhat different designs to other banks, including printing the denomination in Kyori as well as Karolian. They are the only bank to issue a 5Kr coin, in addition to the same value as a note.

Current issue banknotes of the LK
Denomination Issued Obverse Reverse Figure
LK 5Kr obverse.png
LK 5Kr design reverse.png
Folk musicians
10Kr Kyor Cathedral
20Kr Valley Sundrop flower
50Kr Horse riders
100Kr Plains eagle
10Le/200Kr Abstract traditional pattern
25Le/500Kr Abstract traditional pattern
50Le/1000Kr Abstract traditional pattern
Coins of LK
Denomination Material Obverse Reverse
5Ku nickel-plated copper
10Ku nickel-plated copper
20Ku silver alloy
25Ku bronze and silver alloys
50Ku silver alloy
1Kr bronze alloy
2Kr gold alloy LK 2Kr obverse.JPG LK 2Kr reverse.JPG
2,5Kr gold and silver alloys
5Kr Silver and gold alloys

Meridonian designs

Banca va Meridonia only issue coins

Coins of BvM
Denomination Material Obverse Reverse Design
5Ku nickel-plated copper Prince Gomassori
10Ku nickel-plated copper Prince Gomassori
20Ku silver alloy Prince Gomassori
25Ku bronze and silver alloys Prince Gomassori
50Ku silver alloy Prince Gomassori
1Kr bronze alloy Castle of Masbar
2Kr gold alloy Alta va'Meridonia mountain

Conversion Rates

Korona Change
Loored Kuld
Unified Standard Dollar (AN Flag.png) 0.33 USD Decrease -0 USD 6.58 USD 0.003 USD
Gobrassian Dara (GobrassanyaFlag01.png) 0.32 GDA Decrease -0.004 GDA 6.33 GDA 0 GDA
Commonian Buc (Luciano Flag CO.png) 4851 BUC Decrease -155 BUC 97012 BUC 49 BUC
West Commonian Buc (Luciano Flag WC.svg) 0.31 WCB Decrease -0.001 WCB 6.29 WCB 0 WCB
Mecynian Vus (FLAGMECY.png) 1.75 MEV Decrease -0.013 MEV 35.1 MEV 0.02 MEV
Rhododactylian Mark (Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png) 0.46 RDM Decrease -1.186 RDM 9.27 RDM 0 RDM
Khaiwoonese pound (Khaiwoon flag.png) 0.41 KHP Decrease -0.583 KHP 8.2 KHP 0 KHP
Aorangëan Shilling (Aorangëa flag.svg) 0.18 AOS Increase +0.014 AOP 3.52 AOS 0.0211 AOP
Ardispherian Peso (Luciano Flag FA.png) 440 PFA Increase +2.93 PFA 8791 PFA 4.4 PFA
Balonese Diamond (28px) 35.16 BDI Increase +0.2342 BDI 703.24 BDI 0.352 BDI
Arataran Lec (Arataran flag.png) 13.52 ALL Increase +0.249 ALL 270.43 ALL 0.14 ALL