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Kaspen Railways
TypePublic Limited Company
Traded asKaspenRails
PredecessorMidistland Northern(1810-1995)
Bacarrat-Termápolis Railways(1954-1995)
FoundedJuly 1st, 2006
HeadquartersErilyn City, Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra
Area servedEsthyra flag.svg Esthyra, Midistland national flag.png Midistland
ServicesPassenger Railways

KaspenRails (Officially Kaspen Railways), is a multinational passenger railway company headquartered in Erilyn City, Esthyra.

Operations by countries


The history of railways in Esthyra started with the Abralona branch of the Rugenia main line if the Midistland Northern network built in 1854. Later, Paglobeclacans extended the railway by themselves to Roselia, and Erilyners, with the Ingerish and Mergan help on engineering, further extended it to the Uzkeshian border towards the end of the 19th century. Small lines were also constructed.

Following the foundation of Esthyra in 1896, the new government saw an urgent need in the reorganization of the transport industry. Locally-operated companies were absorbed into a government-owned central company, Esthyran National Railways. Connections were built into the region of Callemagne and campaigns were organized to promote the usage of trains. While train usage was increasing, the company itself went into financial despairs in the mid-20th century. It was eventually privatized in 1969 which came with a sharp decline on train services.

ENR quickly restructured itself and restored normal services in 1980. In the late 20th century ENR was recognized internationally for its exceptional services. In 1995 it was merged with the newly-founded Midistland Railway Group to form KaspenRails.


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KaspenRails operate all passenger train services in Midistland. Freight services are leased to contracted shipping companies.

Midistland Northern

Midistland Northern (Norte-Midistland) was founded in 1810 in Bend, following the construction of a short railway between Bend and Puerto Bahía. In the early 20th century, the company decided to build a railway between Margarath and Rugenia, effectively linking towns in the north. It was extended to New Erneerik in 1918, and Breassau in 1945, while these railways are named the North network. However, the company saw a sharp decline due to the rising of motorcoach industry as well as developments of the motorways.

Bacarrat-Termápolis Railways

Bacarrat-Termápolis Railways was founded in 1954, following the merger of small railway operators along the Bacarrat-Termápolis axis. These small sections of railways were merged and they became the South network. The bus industry was beaten and the railway industry regained confidence.


Until 2006, the North-South network was completely separated. There was no tracks in between. For this reason, since 1990 the heads of both companies met in Tengah to discuss a possible connection line. The two companies formed the Midistland Railway Group (MRG, plc) in 1992, which was merged into KaspenRails in 1995. Construction of the Bend-Ñunoma link started in 1999, and finished in 2005. It was fully opened in 2006.


QuiK, an urban transport operator, was formed to take over several bus services in the country, which established the following bus companies:



These services connect cities.

Express Services in Esthyra

Service From Via To Remark
X1 Erilyn Grand Central Abralona Rugenia
X2 Erilyn Grand Central Woodbury, Oshary, Breassau del Alto Breassau Harbour

InterCity Services in Midistland

Service From Via To Remark
IC1 / Energie Margarath Parrotsville, Bend, Talamanca Rugenia
IC2 / Atacoma Bend Nunoma, Primavera Tengah Docklands
IC3 / Ghen Harbor View Lorawa, New Twin Peaks Tengah
IC4 / Meridional Puerto Bacarat New Twin Peaks, Termapolis, Rinconada Breassau

Transmid Express

Service From Via To Relation
TME1 New Erneerik Margarath - Parrottsville - Melania Bend https://opengeofiction.net/relation/130368
TME2 New Erneerik Margarath-New Erneerik Airport - Promming - Méria - Filmore - Scipio Bend https://opengeofiction.net/relation/130369
TME3 New Erneerik Pentekeburg - Champigny Margaux - Elston - Riverside City Bend