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Katsnelson is generally regarded as one of the most organised of the major cities in Commonia. Although its official regional boundary is limited, its sphere of influence shapes much of northern Commonian Politics. It is a large political player in regional and national affairs and has been involved in multiple wars and disputes throughout its history.

A map of Katsnelson City, correct to the 11th of July 2015


Roman Era

The Katsnelson region was originally uninhabited woodland, bogs and marshes. The Romans came and built a small village at Willowbrook, not far from the originally Roman Road Long Street. They cut down some of the forest and also drained a sizable amount of marshland as well. When the Romans left, the area became deserted, although Long Street remained.

Middle Ages

Eventually a few villages arose in the surrounding area, including Nordfeld (Northfield), Welligbroc (Willowbrook), Mershale (Marshall) and Paessanon (Pesanton). The dates for the villages are vague; the earliest that can be traced back is from the Book of Alliances, written in 1124, detailing alliances between certain warlords in the area. Nordfeld is mentioned as being a small hamlet under the control of Earl Rowan. The first mention of Katsnelson (then Caetlenstone) was in 1420 on a tax record.

1500 to 1900

By the end of the Middle Ages, the area which Katsnelson's influence extended reaches today was composed of several small villages. Catslensten (Katsnelson) was the largest village recorded, with others being Northfield, Wellingbroc, Sommton and Marshale. Katsnelson experienced a boom in population in the 19th century, and quickly engulfed Willowbrook and Pesanton and grew to be the largest settlement in the area. By the middle of the 19th century, the railways arrived, first came the Katsnelson-Marshall Railway, which ran from Katsnelson Marshall to Marshall Resort, then called Marshall South Station. In 1864, the Katsnelson-Longines Railway opened, from its terminus at Willowbrook, Central Park, Morningstar Road, Kazan and Longines. In 1867 there was a branch built to Broxton, with Sommton as an intermediate stop. This line also served both the Warroton and Sommton Limestone Quarries. in 1890, Katsnelson Central Station opened, relieving the space-constrained Katsnelson Marshall. In the same year, the other end of the line was extended to Marshall-on-sea. At the end of the 19th century, Katsnelson was the largest in Commonia.

1900 to 1950

In the 1910s, the city of Katsnelson needed a transit system to cope with an increasing population size. Thus, the Katsnelson Tram route was built. The initial part went from Blackhawk through to Dimitry Mendeleev, at the end of the 'Russian Quarter'. The route was extended both ways 5 years later, to its current length, and a loop built serving Katsnelson Central Station. The Katsnelson Metro was built in the 1930s, going from the War Memorial Park to Katsnelson Central Station. The Metro reached its current status (Plus the Memorial Branch) in 1949.

1950 to present

A map of motorway development in Katsnelson

In 1965 the first motorway to Katsnelson opened, the Cape Connector, bisecting the city in a large arc. Many followed, crisscrossing the city. This eased up the once more problematic congestion and also opened up the opportunity for renewed community development. The Memorial Park Metro branch closed in 1988 following decreasing passenger numbers. Today this line sits mothballed and awaits further development. The Katsnelson building spree slumped to the 1990s, when following West Commonian Independence the CC was thrown into turmoil. This meant that the remaining sections of the Outer Ring were financially unsupported and had to be downgraded to ensure road completion. The rapid growth Katsnelson was undergoing stopped and the region went into a recession. By the early 2000s, however the city was back on its feet. However, following the slowdown in population growth, an act was passed that prohibited further building projects outside the Outer Ring until there was a substantial rise in population. For now, most money is spent on maintaining, improving and replacing the existing urban infrastructure.

Locations in Katsnelson

Parks and Woods

  • Central Park
  • Clifford Park
  • Clifford Wood
  • Highland Gardens
  • Katsnelson North Circle "The Lozenge Park"
  • River Easter Recreation Zone
  • War Memorial Park
  • Willowbrook Golf Course and Nursery
  • Willowbrook Gardens


  • Clifford
  • Gooden
  • Northfield
  • Pleasanton
  • Wilowbrook


Industry and commerce

  • Katsnelson Aggregates
  • Katsnelson East Business Park
  • Katsnelson Mall
  • Katsnelson Power Station
  • Long Street Business Park
  • Tolstoy Mall