Katsnelson Central Station

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Katsnelson Central Station
Metro, railway and tram station
Katsnelson Metro, Katsnelson Tramway
Other name(s)Katsnelson, Katsnelson Central Park
Coordinates26.516°N, 157.168°E
Operated byCommonian Railways
Tram routes1
Tram stands1
StructureAt grade
Other information
Station codeKTC

Katsnelson Central is the main station serving the city of Katsnelson in Commonia. It sits immediately above the Inner Ring Road, south of Central Park, and East of Katsnelson Mall. The station is a regional and national interchange, with trains running from Monksbury, Marshall, Longines and Sommton in the north and from Dillekirk in the south.


Early Years

The station opened in 1890, relieving Katsnelson Marshall station of congestion. Its name is misleading, as it is actually 2 miles south of the City Centre. It was named after nearby Central Park, rather than its location in the city. The station originally had 8 platforms, all dedicated to rail services. However in 1921, the Katsnelson Tram built a loop connecting the station, and Katsnelson Central gained a 9th and 10th platform.


In 1925, the railways were essentially nationalised, and because of this, urban rail systems were simplified. Part of the Longines-Sommton line was closed and mothballed, and the rest of the line linked to Katsnelson Station, and the surviving undoubled line doubled. Overall, this resulted in the closure of the only other competitor station vicinity, Central Park, as well as the stations Morningstar Road and Clifford. As a result, Katsnelson received an extension on the Western side to link up the former competitor line with its own. In 1939, the Katsnelson Metro was built, and because of dipping passenger numbers on local trains, platforms 1 and 2 were incorporated into the metro system. Because of the size of the trains, the end of platform 1 was demolished and the end of platform 2 was abandoned. In 1949 a 13th and 14th platform was built for the through Metro line to the University was built that ran parallel to the railway for most of its course.

Redevelopment and Modernisation

In the 1960s, Katsnelson Station was growing old and congested. Some parts had been in continuous use for 70 years. In 1970-4, a redevelopment project was launched, involving the reopening of lower platform 2 which was named 2A, the refurbishment of parts of the ticket hall and waiting areas and a restoration of the station's original facade. This project also involved a 15th overspill platform on the east side and the quadrupling of the tracks approaching the station to increase capacity. In 2010, the long awaited Katsnelson Station Tram project was completed, allowing all trams to call at Katsnelson Station.

A map of Katsnelson Station, before and after the tram uprgrade


Platform Type Service Year constructed Destination
1 Bay Platform Metro 1890 Marshall or Anastasia
2 Bay Platform Metro 1890 Marshall or Anastasia
2A Half-Bay Platform Metro 1970 Marshall or Anastasia at peak times
3 Bay Platform Rail Network 1890 Marshall-by-sea or Resort
4 Bay Platform Rail Network 1890 Marshall-by-sea or Resort
5 Bay Platform Rail Network 1890 Longines or Sommton
6 Bay Platform Rail Network 1890 Longines or Sommton
7 Bay Platform Rail Network 1890 Dannaford or Manchester
8 Bay Platform Rail Network 1890 Dannaford or Manchester
9 Through Platform Metro 1949 Anastasia
10 Island Platform Metro 1949 Katsnelson Airport
11 Island Platform Rail Network 1925 Longines, Dannaford or Manchester
12 Island Platform Rail Network 1925 Katsnelson Airport or Dillekirk
13 Island Platform Rail Network 1970 Peak hour overspill
14 Through Platform Tram 1921 Trelawny Gate
15 Through Platform Tram 1921 Dmitri Mendeleev