Kattenden Bakarsbond International Airport

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Z13, -32.4483 °S, 169.9051 °E
Kattenden Bakarsbond International Airport

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Basic information
Country Duncanheim Flag.png Duncanheim
City Kattenden
Began operation 1974
Time zone WUT +11
Elevation AMSL 55
Direction Length
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Number Length
Highways A219
Regional train lines Duncanheim National Rail, Kattenden Metro

Kattenden Bakarsbond International Airport (WAAT: KAT) is an international airport serving the city of Kattenden in Duncanheim. It is the largest airport in Duncanheim, and, as of 2019, is the only airport in the nation capable of handling large commercial airliners.
It is also the central hub for Duncanheim Royal Airlines.



Kattenden Bakarsbond International Airport has three runways.
Due to the presence of nearby Kernon Village, flights are not permitted to take off towards or land from the east between the hours of 21:00 and 09:00 local time. This was part of the compromise agreement with the village that allowed the airport to be built where it is. The village was also given a station on the airport extension of the Kattenden Metro Gretchen Line as part of the compromise.


Kattenden Bakarsbond has two terminals. The oldest of these is Terminal 2, built as part of the original airport in 1974. Terminal 1 (built in 1974) and Terminal 3 (built in 1980) were demolished in 2003 and replaced with one large new main terminal (New Terminal A), completed in early 2006. During the intervening years, Terminal 2 - with a maximum boarding capacity for only 7 airplanes at a time - handled all flights, causing many delays.
New Terminal A has a maximum boarding capacity for 12 airplanes at a time, bringing the airport's total maximum boarding capacity to 19 flights at any given time.



The airport is connected to the A2 by the A219, which continues to the northern Kattenden suburb of Laglendith, where it meets with the A15. The A218 branches off the A219 at the circular junction with the A2, heading north through the Bakarsbond Royal Wildlife Preserve to Benat-i Canton.
The airport can also be accessed from the south via Airport Village Road, which has been proposed to become an extension of the A219, along with a section of Runner's Road, to create a highway connection with the A333.


The airport is connected to the Duncanheim National Rail network with its own station, called Kattenden Bakarsbond Airport Station, which is served by passenger and commuter trains headed eastbound to (and westbound from) Kattenden Rhiannon Station. Kattenden Bakarsbond Airport Station serves as the western terminus for commuter trains on the line, although westbound passenger trains commonly continue as far as Red Wolf and points beyond.
The airport is also served by an extension of the Kattenden Metro Gretchen Line, which terminates at Bakarsbond Airport Metro Station.


Destinations per airline

Airlines Destinations Terminal
Duncanheim Royal Airlines Meridian, Malojdeh, Phoenix, Stanton, Lake City 2
Duncanheim Royal Airlines Erilyn City A

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