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Kelso Station (Byri: CY Text Kelso Station.svg Kelso Ekeyiri, Zyland: Kelso Boonhoff) is a railway station in the town of Kelso, (prefecture), Calliesanyo, jointly operated by Oderenesẙ Railway Company (TC Oderenesẙ), and Zyland Iisnwech Companii (ZIC).


Kelso Station is the terminus for three lines

Station Layout

Kelso station has two island platforms and one side platform attached to the main station building. Tracks 1 and 2 are dual gauge, Track 3 is standard gauge only, and Track 4 is 1067mm gauge only.


1 Sukofenkoraki Line for Kangigō
Line 22 for Wittnwoda
International Trains for Kangigō or Elegantia
2 Sukofenkoraki Line for Kangigō
Niraza Line for Valora
Line 22 for Wittnwoda
3 Line 22 for Wittnwoda
4 Niraza Line for Valora
Track Layout at Kelso Station

Adjacent Stations

« Service  »
Sukofenkoraki Line
Terminus Local
Rapid Sipiro Junction
Niraza Line
Terminus Local
Line 22
Wittnwoda Local


International Trains
Bluualfbrygg Osikitira Kangigō

Border Facilities

Kelso Station is an official Port of Entry to Calliesanyo. The Kelso Post of the Army-Border Integrity Division is located just outside the station.

Kelso features a small storage yard and gauge-changing facility to allow for international services between ZIC (1,435mm gauge) and TC (1,067mm gauge) lines. The gauge change facility at Kelso is capable of changing up to four wagons or carriages at one time; each set of four train cars takes about 90 minutes to change gauge.

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