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9, 43.1801, 129.4767
State of Keswerg
Staat av Keswerg (Eshen)
Staat Keswerg (Gaerman)
Flag of KeswergCoat of Arms of Keswerg
FlagCoat of arms
Map of Keswerg
Largest cityNorthriver
Official languagesEshen, Ingerish
Ethnic Groups
Eshens (76%) Ingerans (24%)
 • GovernorRussel Rokt
 • Upper houseStaatret
 • Lower houseHo̊s av Vertretongen
 • Census (2016)2,288,800

The State of Keswerg is one of the two states of Eshein. The state was founded in 1742, with the signing of the New Colsex Treaty. The Treaty was an one-side agreement of the New-Colsexish Ingrans in which they divided New Colsex to the two regions (states), in order to prevent conflicts. The Ingran treaty forced all the Mergans from Keswerg to move to the south, to Atelfain as part of "rearranging" the colony. It is one of the reaosons why Ingerish is still spoken there. It's capital city is Firen and the largest city is Northriver. Keswerg is divided into 5 Krayks: Diu Ylln, Fenter, Fyordberayk, Madelaynleyk and Nortryvaar.

Firen Fjord


The State of Keswerg is called after the Keswerg river flowing from Madelayn lake to the Darcodian Sea. The origin of the name "Käsevergleich" 'kæsɛfɛrglaɪç, a combination of the Gaerman word "Käse", meaning cheese and "Vergleich", meaning comparison. The name "Käsevergleich" (cheese comparison) comes from the annual cheese contest the people in the area of Madelayn lake used to throw during the 13th century until the 17th century in the town of Madelayn. At the time, the area was called "Südwolta" because of it being in the south of Volta of Madelaynsee (Madelayn lake in Gaerman) while Käsevergleich remained an unofficial nickname for the area.

In 1421, when the area joined the Mergan Kingdom as part of the state of Gaermansprachig, the area official got the name of Käsevergleich.

in 1742, during the Ingrans control over the area, they divided the state of Gaermansprachig into two regions in the New Colsex Treaty: Käsevergleich and Atelfain. Since "Käsevergleich" is in Gaerman it was difficult for the Ingrans to pronounce it so they replaced the "ä" with an "e" and cut the end of the name (leich) that they could not pronounce which resulted the name "Kesverg". The Ingrans pounced the "v" as ['v] instead of the right way in gaerman ['f] so the Gaerman speakers changed the spelling so it would match the pronounciation and replaced the "v" with a "w" (['v] in Gaerman) which is what became the name of the state today, Keswerg.

Administrative Division in Esheinflag.png Eshein
States Krayks Cities
Atelfain.png Atelfain
Noytyrrinflag.png Noy Tyrrin
Midatelfainflag.png Midatelfain
Estberaykflag.png Estberayk
Sutlandenflag.png Sutlanden
Leyklanflag.png Leykenland
Keswerg.png Keswerg
Nortrivaarflag.png Nortryvaar
Madelaynleykflag.png Madelaynleyk
Fenterflag.png Fenter
Fyordberaykflag.png Fyordberayk
Diuyllnflag.png Diu Ylln