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Northern far-distance railway station
Coordinates36.45599°N, 119.30653°E
Train operatorsPAT, KHS
Bicycle facilitiesYes
Disabled accessYes
Passengers228.1 million (transfers counted once) Increase 0.2%

Kibō-Dyanchez (lit. "Northern far-distance train station") is one of the three far-distance railway stations in Pyingshum, the capital of Kojo. It is served by four metro lines (2, 8, 9, 16), the northern main branch of Papáchē B, and is an important terminus for many IC, CC, KCP, KCS and KC services. With 1 160 000 passengers a day, counting transferring passengers twice, it is the second most frequented of the city's three far-distance railway stations. This include 120,000 far-distance travellers on IC or CC trains, 320,000 passengers on regional trains, 290,000 on the Papáchē and 430,000 on the Chitachē. The railway station facilitates a total of 3,600 train movements a day (terminating and then departing trains counted twice), consisting of 288 IC, 36 CC, 170 KCP, 102 KCS and 340 KC trains as well as 800 Papáchē and 4,380 Chitachē. It is estimates that, counting transferring passengers only once, about 630 000 passengers use the station daily.

Connections and layout

IC and CC

The following IC and CC (see for full network) services depart from Kibō-Dyanchezi:

Number Stops Headway Rolling Stock Notes
IC 4 Pyingshum KDC, Pyingshum International Airport, Formajiá, Īme Abuchezi, Wenzū ZC, Yoyomi ZC, (Ekkisom - Almun Alchakkya IC), Kwaengdō ZC, Kwaengdō Shaddóti 1 h (3+3) -/-
IC 4 E Pyingshum KDC, Yoyomi, Kwaengdō ZC, Zúkshi (Cheryuman h.), Tsuyenji 1 h (4S+4) -/-
Kwaengdō Shaddóti 1 h (4S+4) -/-
IC 6 Pyingshum KDC Busakyueng ZC 1 h (3+3) -/-
(Makalasueng), Busakyueng Limbē, (Moéshada/Busakyueng Dōdaeki A'éropō Dōzi), Nainmijaeuel, Góhomi 1 h (4+4) -/-
IC 7 Pyingshum KDC, (Pyingshum International Airport), (Formajiá), (Īme Abuchezi), Wenzū, Yoyomi, Kari, Toefyei 1 h (3+3), (4+4) -/-
IC 8 Pyingshum KDC, (Pyingshum International Airport), (Formajiá), (Īme Abuchezi), Wenzū, , Arákkanai 30 min 2N -/-
CC 60 Pyingshum KDC, Kibō-Kōsa Chezi (Pyingshum), Makalasueng, Busakyueng Limbē, Unzai 2 h 2 -/-
CC 70 Pyingshum KDC, Dyong Hyengkōsa Dōzi (Pyingshum), Tarappel-Finglyúson, Línai 2 h 2 -/-


The following regional train connections depart from Aku-Dyanchezi:



History and architecture

When the metro network and two of the 3 modern far-distance railway stations were established, most passenger traffic was directed towards the south, were the other major cities like Finkyáse, Kippa, Jaka or Kwaengdō were situated. Northbound rail traffic remained monstly cargo based. However, with the growth of cities such as Makalasueng, Busakyueng and Góhomi passengers more and more demanded transport to these location. Getting there from Limbē-Dyanchezi or Aku-Dyanchezi meant long detours and track shunting; so, as traffic increased, it was decided to build a third far-distance railway station, consequently named Kibō-Dyanchezi. The station was finished and opened in 1909.

With the introduction of high-speed passenger railway services, the question arose whether the routes via Formajiá to Arákkanai, Toefyei and Tsuyenji were to start from Aku-Dyanchezi in the city's growing CDB, or from Kibō-Dyanchezi in the north east. In the end it was decided to route the long-distance high-speed services to the northern station, to keep more capacity for regional trains at the southern terminus in favour of the many commuters from the southern part of the wider Pyingshum area that commute to the new CBD on a daily basis. Also this induced synergy effects for the underdeveloped north east of the inner city. Today the area is, besides small exceptions, not anymore considered impoverished, but instead one of the last affordable but high-in-demand residential quarters.

Location and surroundings

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