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Kilulia is a city on the South Island of West Commonia. It is the county seat and largest city of Great Arm County on the Pelligrande Peninsula.


Kilulia has a tropical rainforest climate (equatorial climate) with September to November being the wettest months. The Great Arm Mountains shelter the city from the heaviest rainfall but flash flooding, exacerbated by deforestation, is a major problem.


Kilulia was accessible only by boat until the Road & Rail Bridge opened in 1966. Ferries to Pelligrande and St. Helen's City remain the most popular means of transport. The Road & Rail Bridge is a causeway bridge across a tidal marsh that links Kilulia with the city of Pelligrande and the rest of the South Island road and rail networks. The overland distance from Kilulia to Pelligrande is approximately 40 miles.

Rail services between Kilulia Station and Pelligrande have become less frequent in recent years. Kilulia Station, opened in 1966, is the only currently operating rail station in the city. A former freight line between the northern forests and the harbour is now dismantled. Part of this route was planned to be used to connect Bond's Castle Stadium to the main line, until the planned expansion of the stadium was cancelled.

The nearest airport is in Grangier-Pelligrande. Various proposals have been made for an airport in Great Arm County to serve Kilulia.

Road traffic across the single-carriageway Road & Rail Bridge is highly congested at peak times. There is an alternative road through the mountainous forest to the north, but it is unpaved in places and unsuitable for large vehicles. Former Mayor Teemu Brovko announced in 2008 that he was exploring options to improve the road links to Kilulia, including:

  • Replacing the rail line with a third variable-direction road lane
  • Widening the bridge
  • Adding a third lane onto the existing footprint of the bridge, which would require speed restrictions and strengthening of the side barriers
  • Improving the road through the forest
  • Digging a tunnel

Replacing the rail line was the preferred option, however nothing was implemented at the time due to funding constraints.


Kilulia Football Club play at 8,500 capacity Bond's Castle Stadium in the north of the city. They were founding members of the Top Division of the West Commonia League upon West Commonia's independence in 1991, and finished 5th in its inaugural season, but suffered a terrible 1992/93 season and were relegated in last place. They returned to the Top Division in 1995 and were relegated again in 1999.

Their repeated failures to win promotion since 1999, suffering four playoff final defeats and two last-day collapses out of contention, have led some fans to posit the existence of a curse upon the team, specifically the Curse of Jeffrey Tang. Late in the 1998/99 season Kilulia were losing 3-0 against Roncador, whose goalkeeper Jeffrey Tang would have broken the professional world record for minutes played without conceding a goal had he kept out Kilulia until the 86th minute. Kilulia spoiled the record attempt with a consolation goal after 67 minutes.

Roller derby is a well-established sport in Kilulia. The international governing body, World Roller Derby, is based at the Woodside Rinks in the city.

  • Kilulia's semi-professional women's team has competed as a separate country from the rest of West Commonia in the two World Championships held to date. They won the first tournament in 2012, and lost to Commonia in the 2015 final. They frequently tour the Axian Gulf nations giving coaching and exhibition bouts.
  • The second team, Kilulia Annihilators, have won every edition of the West Commonian Roller Derby League since its inception in 2008, usually by a wide margin.
  • The third team, Kilulia Kill-All-O'-Yas, also play in the highest group of the West Commonian League and have posted winning records 6 seasons out of 8.
  • There is also a men's senior team and multiple social and junior teams.