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The river Kime is the largest inland waterway in Kojo, south-east Uletha. Since prehistoric times the stream has played a major role in the region's history. 3 of the 4 biggest cities of Kojo are situated at its shore, and its surrounding is the most densely populated area of the country and its economical heart. As a result, many major north-south rail and street arteries run alongside the river. Over the centuries the river has been straightened at countless points to make it better suitable for shipping. Since the 1980's a strict pollutant restriction programme is in action, which led to a dramatic increase in water quality along the river. Nowadays, north of Pyingshum the water is considered to be drinkable, although drinking is not advised. Between Pyingshum and Kippa swimming is allowed at safe areas separated from shipping routes. South of Kippa up to Jaka the water is still clean enough that its water can be used for irrigation and fishing can take place.