King Christian of Raggleneth

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King Christian around 1785.

King Christian Beglidere of Raggleneth (1725-1791) was King of Pretany from 1745-1791. He became known as Pretany's most influential King, with many major reforms undertaken during his reign and became well renowned for being the king that brought Pretanic culture to the world ending a long period of isolationism. During his reign, he opened diplomacy and trade with foreign countries, formally pardoned Inara, opened the Royal Parks of Pretany, initiated talks with Ingerland that led to the Penal Trade Agreement of 1765, aboloshed pretanic serfdom with the Reformation of the Serfs in 1780, removed all duchies from the shires in 1772, and by consequence greatly improved the failing economy. He is also often regcognized for being the king that unwittingly destabalized relations with Lechia leading to the Pretanic-Lechian War shortly after his death. It is said that the Lechian occupation of Geradic by the lechians was viewed as his biggest failure and that the stress of the breakdown of diplomacy and the subsequent occupation led to his death in 1791.

His successor was King Wasson of Westward Gate.


Christened Christian Beglidere, prince of Pretany on May 4th, 1725 to King Depfry of Lorranium and Queen Madiline Brune of Lorranium, Christian's childhood was filled with turmoil from the very start. Christian was born in Raggleneth castle during the Rag Revolt. Surrounding the castle while the queen was in labor was 16,000 rioters beating on the doors of the castle to kill the newborn king.