Kiranēna Island

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Kiranēna Island
LocationSouth East Ardentic Ocean
Coordinates57.7415°S 138.1805°W
Area2873.79 km²
1109.57 sq mi
Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa
East Anglesbury flag.png East Anglesbury
NationsAorangëa Whingina flag.svg Nao Rānga
South Aorangëa flag.svg Waikaori
Aorangëa Southern Territories flag.svg Southern Territories
Pop. density30.95/km2 (80.17/sq mi)

Kiranēna Island is an island in the southeastern Ardentic Ocean off the western coast of Kartumia. It is 115 kilometres (71 mi) in length, 49 kilometres (30 mi) in width at its widest point, and 3831km² (1479 sq mi) in area. Only the main part is called Kiranēna Island, while several peninsulas carry their own name. These are Haunted Island (here), Myrkwood Island (here ), Grimguay (here) and Cursed Island (here). The island is home to parts of namely Nao Rānga, Waikaori, and the Southern Territories of Aorangēa.


The island's name derives form the native language, meaning "haunted land across the sea". Despite the efforts to develop the islands, many areas still retain their wilderness character and are a major attractions for tourists around the globe.


Youcesterland lies to the north, separated by the Seven Lakes Passage. The Southern Ranges run most of the length of the island along the west coast, dividing it into a wet and rugged west coast and a drier, more rolling east coast.




There is a railway line connecting to Youcesterland, a rack railway near Yorakēa and some mining railways in the centre of the island.


There are several ferry services to neighbouring islands especially in the Southern Territories. Most of the longer distance services are Ro-Ro cruise ferries. Other sea services, including freight and cruises may be operated under a local flag or under cabotage restrictions.